November 22, 2018 posted by littlewhitecottage

Lottie Dolls: a refreshing alternative to Barbie…

Lottie doll outfit designs

F got her first Lottie Dolls this week and she is in love!

She and T spent time looking at the Lottie Doll website (link below) and we found there’s a few fun resources to use.

Whilst I was teaching on Tuesday T and F designed some new clothes for Lottie and the other dolls, I


particularly like T’s rainbow pyjamas.

I posted a while ago about how uncomfortable I was with F having a Barbie due to the unrealistic body shape of the doll. I chatted on my Facebook page with many of you who shared my concerns (and also a few who didn’t; you made me think about my opinion too 🙂 ) and both Hubbie and I just didn’t like to see F play with the ‘women’ dolls.

She’s very happy with Lottie. The clothes are like those that F wears herself, there are sets and clothes that provide aspiration and there are still the princess/fairy dolls that I don’t want F not to have but have them alongside other more positive role models.

F has taken Lottie everywhere with her since Tuesday and is asking about making some clothes for her -I’d made a doll for F before she was born and made clothes so she knows it might be possible.

Anyone else have Lottie Dolls?

If you’d like the link to the website we used for the outfit design sheet, follow this link:


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