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October 28, 2018 posted by littlewhitecottage

How to make a phonics wheel (and help your child at home with phonics)…

I remember a phonics book we had when O was younger that had a phonics wheel with letters on that could be moved to make new words. We didn’t use it much with O as phonics weren’t really his thing so the book was given away or donated to charity and I’ve not thought about it since.

Fast forward a few years and I have F who is doing well with phonics and I thought about that book and how it would have been good for her.

I decided to make F a simple phonics wheel with changeable initial sounds (onset) that once added to non changeable rime create 4 or 5 different words for her to read.

Here’s how I did it in case you’d like to make one for your lovely.

You need some card, pencil, pen, a small circle (I used a small cup) and a split pin.

What you need

Cut the card into 2 pieces.

Card cut into 2 pieces

Draw round the cup to make 4 circles.

Making 4 circles

4 circles.

4 circles

Cut out the circles.

Cut out the circles

Attach the circle using a split pin.

Attach the circle using a split pin

Draw a rectangle.

draw a rectangle.

Cut the rectangle with a sharp knife.

Cut the rectangle with a sharp knife.

Cut rectangle.

Cut rectangle.

Add the rime (the second syllable that will not change).

Add the rime.

Add the initial sound that will change (onset).

Turn the wheel and add different initial sound that, when combined with the rime, makes a proper word.

Add the initial letter that will change (onset).

Add more wheels with different onset and rimes.

Add more wheels.

You can make as many as you’d like!

Here’s the finished phonics wheel.

Finished phonics wheel.

It’s very home made but it does the job. You could use old bits of card and recycle the pieces when you’ve finished with them.

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