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October 19, 2018 posted by littlewhitecottage

Learning about earthquakes at The Natural History Museum…

We love The Natural History Museum. It’s a hands-on place that really fits with our style of learning; though it can get very busy it times which makes it less enjoyable. We’d finished our concert (Primary Proms at the Albert Hall) and decided to pop in to the museum as I knew they had a fab volcanoes and earthquakes section. The lovelies are learning about Earthquakes and are booked in to a workshop at We The Curious in Bristol in a few weeks so a visit to the museum whilst we were in London was a must.

The entrance to the ‘Restless Earth’ exhibit is very dramatic as the escalator up goes right through the centre of the earth. Each time we visit the boys are a little older and know more and this time it was lovely to see them really engage with it rather than simply say, ‘Wow! Look at the lights!’

F was a bit worried as, for a 4 year old, it is quite loud and aggressive but we saw the ammonites inside as we got near to the top and she liked finding others.

Hubbie started his explanations using this fab world map that detailed the fault lines on the earth as well as volcanoes. It was a very visual way of showing that most volcanoes are situated along the fault lines.

Here they are learning about the Earth’s layers.

This exhibit was a fab one. It showed the lovelies how engineering can be used to design earthquake proof buildings. These wobble and absorb the shocks rather than shake and crack. It was really good to watch the movement rather than just see it in a book. They were very fascinated and surprised but how much the specially designed building moved.

I love how F demonstrates her learning in totally random ways. We came round the corner to see a hologram Earth and she said, very excitedly, ‘That’s Earth! That’s where we live.’ I’ve no idea where she learned that but it was a lovely moment for her to share what she knew.

I like a museum where curiosity is important; one that doesn’t just present all the information but makes their exhibits interesting. These suitcases were filled with all different sorts of rocks. T and F loved opening them up to see what was inside and then excitedly telling each other what they’d found

It was a really great visit that we all enjoyed and nice to not just go and see the dinosaurs. The boys learned so much more about earthquakes than what we could have done at home. F also learned lots by looking, experimenting with the hands on exhibits and listening to Hubbie’s explanations.

I’m sure we’ll be back soon.

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