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October 19, 2018 posted by littlewhitecottage

How to make the Earth’s layers from playdough…

Hubbie arrived back from shopping yesterday ladened with playdough. We normally make it but, for once, we just wanted to get on with things.

I’d shown the lovelies this blog from Playdough to plato  showing how to make a model of the Earth’s layers using playdough. It’s visual, physical and above all fun so they all wanted to get started. It consolidates our trip to The Natural History Museum where we started our learning about volcanoes and earthquakes.

H got straight on with making his Earth and T started to too, but then he decided that he wanted to make a ‘party earth’ instead and altered his colours dramatically. Both boys remembered the names for the different layers and could also tell me that earthquakes were caused when tectonic plates collide as they float on magma.

F loved rolling little playdough spheres -she even managed to pronounce sphere well too- so I finished off her Earth and she was very pleased. She was very interested in the colours of the playdough and knew that H had made a representation of the world.

Their ‘Earth’s’ looked great when they’d finished.

We cut them using a butter knife but H’s was quite blurred as he leaned on the knife and pushed down to cut.

Our top tip when cutting the finished playdough ‘earths’ is to saw them with a knife and not just press down with a knife; this stops the layers blurring. 


Here’s F’s layered Earth that I cut for her. We were all very impressed!

This was a fun activity that is great for all age children as they make it to their level of learning. When Hubbie came back home after popping out they were very excited to tell him what they had made.

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