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October 14, 2018 posted by littlewhitecottage

Lukewarm is no good…



Lukewarm is no good…

I’ve loved this quote ever since I first read it. It’s like a call to action a, ‘Don’t just sit there, get out and do something with your life!’ The thing is Dahl doesn’t specify what your interest should be, only that you should have one.

What is/are your lovelies’ passions and interests?

What are the things that make their eyes light up (instead of glaze over) and gets them motivated to try and learn more, be better, work harder?

T loves to be physical so his passions are to do with anything he can climb and use physically (see, your passions don’t have to be organised and measured in a club; they can be spontaneous and organic). He loves leap frogging over bollards, riding his bike in the wind and rain and doing round offs wherever he can. He has just started to love running and he paints and draws and squeezes the life out of every last second of each day.

H loves to read though this is only something he’s discovered earlier this year so it’s still a relatively new passion and one I hope that lasts. He loves to snowboard, make small animated films and is a walking encyclopaedia of all things Greek mythology and Harry Potter. H loves to run just like T does and he has found something that his body is really made for as ‘bean pole’ is a fabulous physique for a ‘just keep going!’ mentality.

F loves imaginative play and has the most fabulous imagination. Currently, as I write, she’s playing with the lids of the playdough pots that Hubbie bought on Friday. She’s arranging them into a snake like pattern while whispering to herself. She’ll stay like that until I ask her to come for breakfast as once she’s in a imaginative state, she’ll happily play for hours.

And me (and you).

What are our passions and interests?

How do we keep up with the things that we want to do?

How do we do this once we’ve had children?

I love to sew. It’s not really a hobby, more of a need as if I’m stressed then using the machine or needle soothes my brain and calms it.

My biggest passion is narrowboating as those that know me know. The chug of the engine, the sound of rain on the water and the moving from one place to another is my passion. I’m actually very much a home bird who doesn’t like to travel but on the boat I feel a wonderful sense of freedom in a safe and controlled way. I have my bed, my favourite people and a place to breathe.

I think interests and passions are harder to follow when you’re a parent. It’s something you have to be selfish about at a time when society is bombarding you with selfless mothers’ dedicating themselves to their children. I feel it’s more ‘acceptable’ for father’s to be out an about doing their thing but less so for mums.

‘You need to be interested to be interesting’

is something I’ve always said to the lovelies. I’ve encouraged them to try new things to find things that make their brain tick. It’s okay to not want to carry on if the thing you’re doing isn’t for you (but they do need to see the commitment they’ve made through. They do agree to this at the beginning though). All I ask is that they try.

So have a think, this grotty autumn day, about the passions that your lovely/ies have. I bet that’s quite easy to do and you’ve got a smile on your face as you’re imagining the smile on their face when their doing it.

Now what about yours?

Are you talking in the past tense? ‘I *used* to love doing (insert the thing that you used loved doing)…

Is there something that you could reignite and carve some time out for yourself?

We’re hurtling towards the end of the year and that natural time where we reflect back on all that we’ve done this year and we start to look towards the next. There’s time to make changes before January comes.

Is there something you’d really love to do?

Are there steps you can put in place to make it happen?

I have wanted to walk Hadrian’s Wall since I turned 40 but have had obstacles in the way and I’ve made excuses as I’m worried about doing something out of the norm of family life.

Next year I really want to do it.

What’s your Hadrian’s Wall?

Could next year be your year?

‘Lukewarm is no good.’


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