February 14, 2017 posted by littlewhitecottage


From the very beginning,

sometimes there were late nights.

Sometimes there were bad hair dos and inappropriate dresses (what was I thinking??)

Sometimes there were sunsets…

but sometimes the sun was in our face.

Sometimes there was alcohol,

and sometimes there was just silliness.

Sometimes things got a bit hairy.

Sometimes it was just the 2 of us…

…so sometimes made we made more.

Sometimes it was hard work…

…but sometimes we just played.

Sometimes the journey up ahead was unknown…

…but the view at the end was breathtaking.

Sometimes we wanted to escape…

…but sometimes all we wanted was home.

Sometimes there was randomness.

Sometimes there was a bit more randomness.

Sometimes there were costumes…

…but sometimes we dressed up smart.

Sometimes we stood and caught raindrops…

…but sometimes there were injuries. (Just after this photo was taken there was a fierce battle between the King and his knights and one of the knights sustained a dislocated finger.)

Sometimes I took so many pictures…

…but sometimes I took the perfect shot.

Sometimes things were cool…

…but then we just looked at what we had created.

We’ve made it through 15 years.

I’m looking forward to many more.

Sometimes it’s okay to get cross, to shout and to forgive.

Sometimes loving isn’t easy but you stay together because the fun outweighs the struggles and you know you are stronger together.

Sometimes it isn’t easy but always…

…it’s precious.


  • Emma that is lovely .

  • that’s just beautiful – life is an interesting, messy journey

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