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My week… (a blog about feeling helpless)

So this week has been a bit of a tough one…
Last Sunday morning I was just be pleased to feeling a bit better from the flu and was looking forward to getting out and about with the children, getting my essay done (I had an extension) and talking (non-stop) about drawstring bags, oh and also looking at the pattern of the Dottie Angel Dress.
All was well.
Things were good.
That is until Little Miss F was sick and then sick again and that suddenly change the look of the first part of my week. T followed her on Monday morning and the 2 of them vomited intermittently rather like a tag team (‘Right, she’s just made up my bed again so it’ll be my turn this time…’). Hubby then joined in and and then the bug moved downwards through their bodies and landed right in their bottoms. If it wasn’t coming out of one end by Wednesday then it was coming out of the other.
We have washed duvets, scrubbed carpets (that still need a carpet cleaner going over them), duvet covers (so many times) and I can’t tell you how many loads of washing of clothes we did: I literally can’t.
By Thursday I was panicking about my essay. I am doing a history degree with the Open University and this unit means I will have completed my first year. I couldn’t see how I was going to get it done, I hadn’t really done the reading in any great depth as I had flu the week before. I talked about deferring and starting again in September as I just couldn’t see how it was all going to get done.
I talked to friends. Friends who’ve known me for years, you know the ones who tell you like it is and they said ‘Do it, you just need to pass the first year so just do it.’ I became a bit more energetic and the washing pile had slowed down a bit so I felt I could at least try.
Head down, books open and I was off.
But then there was this nagging feeling that I hadn’t promoted the drawstring bags that we are making. The ones for people with absolutely nothing. Here I was with my first world problem of ‘How on earth will I get my essay done?’ I felt guilty, overwhelmed and just a little bit crap.
But this post really isn’t about me; it’s about my week.
I was wondering how to brooch the news that we hadn’t made our weekly target. That that was my fault as I hadn’t cheered us on enough, asked you to share posts with your friends etc.
I had also just got the news that the pattern I had been recommending for people to buy and make wasn’t a very good one and it’ll be much harder for us all to make than we first thought.
That makes me feel really rubbish. In everything I do I try to make things as easy as can for people, to give them the biggest chance of success. When someone says ‘Yesssss! I did it!!!’ that makes my job worthwhile. Yet this time I had cocked up. Usually, those that will now me, I make up a pattern before teaching it as this gives me confidence (I’m good but I’ve not made everything!) in knowing I can help the person to make what they want.
This time it wasn’t to be.
I handed in my essay though so that was something of an achievement considering how manic my last 3 weeks have been with illness.
I was sat in bed last night wondering how to post that we’d not reached out weekly target when I checked my phone for the last time before sleep and the wonderful Kally Horne Dunn sent me a message telling me that she had had a get together with her church, Holy Trinity Frome, twice this week to sew drawstring bags and the first session they made 80 bags and the second 150!
Oh my gosh.
Just when you think that it’s not going to work and you’ve failed at quite a few things sometimes, right at the last minute, it can all turn around.
230 bags. They made two hundred and thirty bags!! Can I say that this does not in any way take anything away from those who’ve sent me bags already. Your 1 bag, 10 bags, 30 bags mean equally the same to me. It means you got your machine out, gave up your time and thought of someone else and that, when you think about it, is really it’s all about.
So this means our weekly total has been smashed, along with the other bags sent to me me by the amazing Tania Weller -32!!!, the wonderful Emma Connors and Maggie Rapps -11 and the fabulous Kimberly Cahill who snuck in this morning with a cheeky set of 6!
So this week you’ve made
wait for it….
wait for it….
And if you add that to last weeks total you have made 340!
Thank you.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Words cannot describe what you’ve all done and how I feel about you all.
All I can say is ‘Let’s crack on to our 500 target as we’re only 160 away!’
Can we do this?
In the words of Bob the Builder (F’s favourite program of the moment)
I am back fighting fit, my essay is done (fingers crossed for the mark please lovelies, it could go any way really) and we are going to make drawstring bags like our lives depend on it.
I haven’t solved the problem of the Dottie Angel pattern though, I’m so sorry but I will work and fix it.
Love to you all

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  • When I read this I’m taken back in time to my days of 3 children, 1 lodger, a house like a building site and all of us, mummy and daddy too, in the thros of an evil bug. … and a broken washing machine. Man alive!!
    Bless you. Believe it or not I’m remembering fondly …
    Well done for giving us the necessary nudge about making bags. Sometimes it needs someone to do that.
    Treat yourself to a glass of wine when your tummy can take it and good luck with the course.

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