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February 5, 2017 posted by littlewhitecottage

This morning’s play…

I was woken by Little Miss F this morning as she potters down the stairs to our room and stands in the doorway. This is a little Damon-esque from The Omen as she appears in silhouette in the doorway with the light behind her, carrying her piggy and sucking her thumb. She often doesn’t say anything but just stands there. It’s cute but scary at the same time…

This morning she appeared, came for a cuddle and then went off to T’s room to play farms with him. We’ve tidied T’s room a bit and organised some toys that were in the garage that he wanted in his room. It’s been good to have a sort out even if so they could discover new ‘old’ toys that had been packed away since the move.

The wooden farm set has always been a favourite with all the boys and now T is showing F how fab it is through is enthusiasm with designing and building it.

I love the way they play together. Having a large gap between T (the last of 3 boys) and her was a concern to us when we were expecting her. Would they play with her? Would she be alone? Would they play similar games or would they be too old to find her interesting? These were real worries to us.

We’ve been quite surprised at how the boys still very much want to play with F and even though this may mean playing teddies, hide and seek (with a very obvious F lying on the floor covering her eyes) and even babies. F loves her babies and the boys have held the baby, rocked the baby and wrapped the baby since she has been able enough to tell them what to do.

O used to play ‘where’s F?’ when he phoned from school. He would disappear from the screen and appear poking out from the side or down from the top all to a giggling F. He didn’t care who was in his room -sometimes his mates said hi to F too – he wasn’t embarrassed, he was playing with his sister. They would ‘high five!’ each other and F would even kiss the screen. She adores O and their love of each other continues when they are in the same room.

H is able to get down at F’s level very easily. He gets on his knee, lays on the floor or sits with F at a table literally making sure he is at the same level. He knows what she likes to play and tries to play her games. Babies aren’t always as interesting to H as they are to F but he tries and she really does love him for it.

When the boys do their work F is the first at the table demanding ‘I do my drawing!’ she wants to be with them, do what they do and be part of the action.

So this morning T and F started to play farms with each other. This was broken only for F to play with the kitchen toys to make pancakes for Hubbie and I. We were brought them in in the small enamel pan and she watched as Hubbie and I enthusiastically ‘ate’ them. I do love the way she is able to fall in and out of different play as the mood takes her. One minute she is driving the tractor taking the cows from one field to another (with accompanying tractor and cow noises) and the next she is making up a batch of sound and dishing it out into the measuring cups that she uses as bowls.

Despite being a structured home educating family we still find time everyday to play. Sometimes I set up an activity that will give the children an experience that I want them to have; this can be an interest I’ve noticed that they are currently following, sometime they might need a bit of practise with – F’s fine motor skills need a little work so this is a good example – or it’ll be something random that I just want to see what they do (using their own creativity). Lots of the time they just initiate their own games so their play is not totally controlled. I also let the activity I set up go wherever they take it as that’s creativity and curiosity in action and I’d never want to stop that.

Tobes is currently loving the cars we found in a box from the garage and also his farm, H always goes back to his Lego box to make the most wonderful spaceships and F loves her babies and really anything her brothers are doing (whether or not they want her to join in).

All the lovelies are in bed now and I am sat with Hubbie watching the rugby.

F will appear sometime between 7.30-8am standing in the doorway with the light making her a silhouette and if I listen carefully I might just hear the feint whisper of the main them from Carmina Burana…

(Carmina Burana O Fortuna wasn’t ever in the film but so many people I know seem to associate a memory of it with the film)



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