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February 3, 2017 posted by littlewhitecottage

Book Club February 3rd 2017 – Chinese New Year…

We were supposed to be looking at Chinese New Year last week but I was ill unfortunately so we postponed it until today.

For book club this week we learned about Chinese New Year. One of the other Mum’s brought along this story that explains the origins of the Chinese Zodiac and we found out that the New Year will be the year of the rooster.

We then read this book that showed us all of the traditions that Chinese people have when celebrating new year. They hang lanterns, clean their house, give our red envelopes with money in amongst others.

(This books seems a little babyish but actually it was just the thing for our mixed aged group)

For our craft activity we had different activities set up so we could have a go at using chopsticks.

There were sweets to pick up, animals to get out of water and pom poms to put in cupcake cases.

We then had some fortune cookies which we broke open and read the fortunes inside. We then write our own fortunes and put them in a bag to pick one out.

It was very cool trying to pick the sweets up. Some of us were better than others!

The turtle was actually moving which made things a bit more interesting!

We then went out for lunch at our local Chinese restaurant to try some Chinese food.

The lanterns were beautiful.

Here the lovelies are outside the restaurant.

It was a lovely morning made real with the visit to the restaurant for lunch. H noticed that the decor was mainly red and he remembered from our visit to the Victoria and Albert Museum in London that red is considered lucky in China.

I wouldn’t say either T or H really enjoyed the different food but they did love seeing all what was on offer and trying the new tastes. Having said that they both came in full of praise for the restaurant and telling Daddy that we really o

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