January 24, 2017 posted by littlewhitecottage

One of my sons told me that another of my sons had boasted about wearing the same pair of pants for 2 weeks…

…we were in the car having a lovely conversation and then son X came out with this.

I was astounded, disgusted and appalled all in the same emotion. It’s something I had never experienced really. The thought of those crusty undies on son Y really did make me feel slightly sick.

Now I am trying to keep some sort of anonymity with my children as I blog. You may have noticed I no longer use their full names, just their initial letter. (Some of you have asked) This is so I can still talk about things that go on in the family with you all but it’s a realisation that my children don’t really want their future employer Googling them and reading all about what happened during their adolescence. No on wants that, goodness knows there’s lots in my adolesense that I definitely need to forget!

There will be those times though when, especially those who know my family, it will be possible to work out who I am talking about and it’s still quite hard to think about that but I’m sure I’ll come up with something.

So that explains why this blog as about son X and son Y with a teeny bit of son Z in too.

(I do realise those who know my sons will actually have no difficulty in identifying the under cracker offender as it is the one that is usually at the centre of any sort of ‘smelly-gate’ stinkiness)

It set me off thinking about hygiene and children and how on earth you manage to get them to take an interest in keeping themselves clean?

Son Z had just had a shower and I had mentioned that it was fabulous that he now uses shampoo but it would be even more marvellous if he could wash it off before getting out of the shower? He’s my loves-the-shower boy. He’d spend hours in there playing with the water, filling and emptying containers and singing. Yes, there’s lots of singing.

I asked him to come over to me so I could smell his hair (and also check the greasiness situation) he’d done really well and we’d even managed a proper conversation about it.

I did brooch son Y and ask him about the revelation that son X disclosed to me.

He just laughed.

But then that’s very him. He’s the one who would wear the same clothes, eat the same food and not give a jot about ‘the situation’ that is usually his hair.

I am assuming that as hormones kick in and he starts to smell he’ll soon learn that people won’t want to be round someone who really does smell. I can hope I suppose.

But then showering and washing and wearing clean clothes are all part of the same bigger issue aren’t they that go along with the ‘floordrobe’ of clothes that is all my sons bedrooms.

Son X is a little better than his brothers but only because due to circumstance he is well trained and has a certain sense of pride in his appearance. He slightly gels his hair, slightly quiffs it over to one said and actually said to me the other day when I accidentally brushed past him ‘Don’t touch the hair!’

Any advice you might have would be gratefully received. Any top tips that help your lovelies become less unhygienic and especially any tips on how to get them to blooming well brush their teeth.

Oh gosh their teeth, don’t get me started on their teeth..

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  • Teeth: disclosing tablets! Yes, they still make them and they sell them in Boots. I’ve implemented a ‘no Xbox/tv/going out to play/anything else you want to whilst I can still see pink on your teeth’ rule.

    It’s working.

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