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Squashed Flies Pastry Pies.

When I was younger and my mother had been making pastry, if there was any left over we were allowed to make ‘squashed flies’ out of it. All this was was squashing sultanas into the pastry (after we’d made it in to odd shapes) but we thought it was fabulous, naughty but disgustingly brilliant all at the same time.

I wanted to pass this memory onto my own children (who looked horrified by the name – how times have changed?) so I looked for a quick recipe.

I could only find squashed flies biscuits (the garibaldi ones) but this isn’t what I remember making so I found a simple pastry recipe from T’s cook book and made a batch up.


I rubbed the butter (2ozs), lard (2ozs) and flour (8ozs) together to make a breadcrumb like mixture.


I added the 3 tablespoons of water, kneaded the mixture together to form a dough. Standing back and taking the photo made me smile as I thought that my nan would have said ‘that’s good pastry, the bowl is clean!’


I floured the surface, found the rolling pin and the started to roll the dough out.


I marked 3 parallel vertical lines on the rolled pastry.


I cut the ends of the mixture off and then sprinkled sultanas on one side of the left dough -as per the photo.


I folded over the pastry to make a sandwich of the sultanas and pressed the join together.


I trimmed off the ends to neaten them and then marked out the individual portions.


The leftover pastry I used to knead back together, roll out and then make more pies. I put them on a baking tray.


I beat 2 eggs together (I think you actually only need 1)


I used the beaten egg as a wash on the pastry.


I sprinkled a little sugar on the top of the egg wash.


Bake in the oven at 180 degrees for 20-25 minutes. (Keep checking and bring out when golden brown)


I left them to cool.


Lastly I cut the pies into the portion sizes and then served on a plate.

I think they would be lovely with a bowl of custard too.

Nimrod very much enjoyed the leftover egg too, so there was no waste making them!





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