January 8, 2017 posted by littlewhitecottage

How to make simple boats upcycled from broken Nerf gun darts…

My boys all love Nerf guns and we have a mish mash of sizes which take a range of different sized darts. The result is that darts are all over the house in the obvious but also strangers of places. I literally find them everywhere.

If you add in the heady mix of an 11 month puppy who loves to chew and a toddler running about who loves to nick things that her brothers’ find very interesting then you can understand why we have lots of these darts that are broken, bent and just really useless.

I wanted to find something I could use them for rather than just throw them away.

They are made from the same material as swimming noodles and we’ve made quite a bit of things in the past from some we found in a £1 shop and as I know they float I thought small boats for Little Miss F would be ideal.

Here’s the dart…


I used a sharp knife to cut them in half.

(A knife cuts through very easily.)


Cut it in half and half again.


If you’ve some straws, you’ll need 4 of them.


Cut them to a length for the mast. Don’t make them too long or it becomes too heavy and the boats will tip over. Having said that you could make them different heights.


Push your straws into the foam.


Find some bits of fabric to make sails from. I have a bag of felt bits that was perfect for this job. If you don’t have felt or thicker fabric you can glue 2 pieces together to stiffen your fabric a little.


I cut different sized sails but you can cut them what shape and size you would like.


Glue them to the mast.


And here are your finished little boats!


F loved them and played with a pot of water on the kitchen table. She was fascinated by making them move and we showed her how to blow the boats and what happened when we did. Again she started to investigate for herself and eventually used a straw to make them go really fast.

They would be great in the bath or a water tray outside.

Happy making!

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