May 9, 2016 posted by Chris Leigh-Currill

Chasing raindrops…

I’m sat at the kitchen table, the boys are out swimming and Little Miss F is sleeping upstairs and I have a rare moment when I’m alone.

Only I’m now not.

Sleeping on an old bean bag is our new little darling puppy, Nimrod, and he’s been out for the count for nearly 2 hours.

Nimrod 8 weeks 2

He’s had a bit of a day today as he went to the vets for the first time and had his first injection. The vet said that he might be sleepy and nap for a long time and she wasn’t kidding. He’s been asleep more than he’s been awake but I’m not too worried as I know why.

Nimrod arrived just over 2 days ago and to say that we’re all just ever-so-slightly-smitten is a bit of an understatement. The boys have laid next to him willing him to wake up just so they could play with him. Little Miss F has been surprisingly gentle in the way she stokes him and I have just loved having him doze on me for most of last night. I liked just watching him sleep.

Hubbie has cooed and fussed over him as well as playing with the toys that we bought for Nimrod; he kills his toy duck like a pro growling and shaking his head as if it were a rat. A true terrier.

I sat on the back step earlier watching the boys dig up (what seemed like) most of the garden and Nimrod sat with them just watching what they were doing. They turned on the hosepipe and made mud and lots of it and he cheerfully trotted with them to turn on the tap and walked back with them to the mud mess that was fast turning into a river and at that moment I saw that he was going to be following my boys around quite a lot, sometimes checking what they are doing but also sometimes just joining in the fun. Nimrod is here to stay and he’s got stuck in straight away.

Nimrod 8 weeks

As it started to rain and I fussed about the washing I mentioned to the boys that they should start to think about coming in but there does seem a point when you’re wet and covered in mud that rain is the last thing that will actually make you think or want to come in. Warm rain on an early summers afternoon when you’re making a mud river takes all of your attention. Your mother worrying about getting wet seems just daft.

Again I watched the boys filling, pouring, slopping and creating and I saw Nimrod just running about in the rain. He was chasing the big fat raindrops that fell noisily and occasionally barked at the ones that got away.

My hope for Nimrod is that there will be many more summer afternoons where we’re not really doing anything and time seems endless. When the warm rain starts to fall onto the grass and, at that moment, we just remember chasing the raindrops on that first proper day together. That day when H said ‘I feel that Nimrod has completed our family’ and I think yes, he has.

We’ve not had the best couple of years as a family. Lots of trauma, sadness and change but I feel the future is bound up in a little ball of ‘grr’ that likes to think of a toy duck as a rat. As a family we are all looking to the future in a way that we’ve not for a long while as we’ve just been surviving the present.

The next time it rains, especially in this warm summer weather we’re having I might join Nimrod in playing in the garden while the fat rain falls.

I won’t be dodging the drops though, I’ll just look up to the sky and let them splash onto my face. I’ll take a deep breath

…and just enjoy the moment.

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