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February 5, 2016 posted by littlewhitecottage

The weekly roundup 25th – 31st January 2016…

Monday 25th January

It’s Star Wars Week!

H wanted a themed week but wasn’t sure what he wanted to learn so I’ve thought up a few ideas, ran them past him and he’s very up for what we’re going to do.

The boys were very sweet this morning as they helped Little Miss F with her shoes. The boys found this hard though as they’ve never had any buckles on their shoes so it was a huge learning curve for them to work out how to thread the strap through.


After dropping Little Miss F at nursery for her morning session we stopped off at a local charity shop and the boys took in our old baby clothes that we no longer needed. Cancer Research is a charity close to our hearts and we all thought this was the best shop for us to donate to.


Today we started our work on symmetry. I always like to go right to the very beginning when looking at any Maths concept to make sure the boys have really got the building blocks of the basics before moving on to more tricky ideas of learning. To do this we got the paints out and had fun squishing blobs and colours on one side of the page and folding it in half to make a symmetrical piece of art.


T ‘drew a dinosaur as he’s making art for his new room.


Not only did it the paint make great farting noises when the boys squeezed the bottles but it was great as a fine motor/hand strength exercise for H. He really had to work hard to get the paint out.


The death star made an appearance so there was a little bit of Star Wars in this activity!



Once I’d cleared away T then wanted to do his Touch Typing and then H joined in.


T is doing well but can be a little inconsistent in his scores so this week he’s really trying to get his word count per minute score at a steady number. He gets incredibly distracted and isn’t a natural sitter at the table. I’ve a few ideas I’ll be trying with him to help his concentration.

H on the other hand is doing very well. His scores aren’t massively high but they are consistent and H has set himself new targets that he wants to achieve. His first one was to keep all his scores 10 wpm or above. He’s achieved this for a few days now and is looking for a new target.


We got the Lego out and I set the boys a challenge. I asked them to build an escape pod for Kylo Ren using their Lego but that it had to be symmetrical. Both boys were up for the challenge!


Here’s H’s…


And here’s T’s…


After lunch we went back to pick Little Miss F up from nursery and we saw that they were building a new car park. T was very excited by the digger and wanted his photo taken with it.


In the afternoon while LMF had her nap the boys carried on with their work on symmetry. They used a reflective perspex mirror to look at the line of symmetry in shapes. They they then drew the lines of symmetry on using a ruler and pencil.


H did really well coordinating the ruler and pencil and he was really pleased with himself.

Lastly – we had a very busy day! – they started their work on a character analysis of their favourite ‘baddie’ from Star Wars.


The picture above shows how they worked on their written work later in the week to produce a more detailed analysis. I typed up their notes (red text) and they added more detail while I typed (orange text).

Tuesday 26th January 2016

The boys carried on with their coding using the fabulous coding organisation Code Studio – click on the link to go to it.

They started the beginner coding course and will be working their way through it.


The boys wanted to do some artwork using black paper so we bought some and also some chalks. They used the chalk to draw and smudge and make marks to smudge to create the effect of movement. As it’s Star Wars week both boys chose to draw the Death Star. H wants his on his wall in his new room so I’ll look for a frame for it to go in.


I’d framed H’s art work that he’d chosen from his symmetry work.


And the boys did some more work on symmetry.

They looked at symmetry in terms of reflection and they had half a shape to fill in the reflected symmetry.


They used the reflective perspex to draw the reflection of the half a shape on the sheet.

H did incredibly well which I was surprised at. T totally understood what he had to do too and was able to use the ruler and pencil to show his answer.

I was fascinated to see H use both his left and right hand to manipulate the ruler, reflective perspex and pencil.

Here’s H using his right hand…


and then his left!


Wednesday 27th January 2016

Today we carried on our Star Wars theme by using the glow-in-the-dark thread that I’ve been dying to use with the boys. I though a piece of hoop art would be perfect. It’s fun, about Star Wars (which is a winner in our house) and is great for the boys’ fine motor skills. They are both quite good sewers as I am a sewing teacher but they love making their own things out of fabric.


Here’s their started work.


T then went on to help me cook the vegetable soup that we were going to have for tea. H helped chop but found it too hard.

We talked about ‘the claw’ hand and also ‘the bridge’ positions to use when we are chopping safely.


Here are both boys using the blender after the veggies had cooked.


Little Miss F could be found wandering around most of the day cuddling H’s BB8 robot. It was so lovely to see as she was being so careful!

Here she is giving ‘BB’ (as she calls it) a kiss.


Unfortunately she has now put ‘BB’ in such a safe place that we now can’t find it. H is being surprisingly calm about it I think!

Later Little Miss F moved the stool over to the worktop in the kitchen as she wanted to get something off the top – uh oh!


T then asked to make a cake for pudding so we first made one together and then he made one by himself. I just checked his weight measurements before he tipped the ingredients into the bowl but he was more than able to read the scale and use HTU numbers, self correcting where necessary.


The cakes tasted yummy and the boys had a slice after they came back from trampolining in the evening with Hubbie.


Thursday 28th January 2016

Thursday is our Sunday as I teach a sewing class for 2 hours in the morning and the boys have some free time to use as they wish.

After I finish teaching we sometimes go out for lunch and if Hubbie is working from home he’ll join us too.

The boys absolutely love H’s therapy putty and they keep coming up with different uses for it. Here they are playing table football with it having made goals out of the salt and pepper pots!


T then decided to write in his book. I’d asked the boys to have a look around and write what they could see focusing on the colour and a little description.


T loves this sort of task and generally sets to it really quickly. Here he is with the teddy that he designed, made the pattern and sewed last year. It’s still very much a favourite.

H checked out some snowboards -he’s desperate for one – on the internet.


Friday 29th January 2016

H and T both worked on their coding course this morning. They are both making good progress and since watching the ‘peer coding’ video included in the course H is much more prepared to help T when T gets stuck. H absolutely understands what he’s doing and it’s great to see him being confident in explaining his knowledge to T.


H then moved onto the Minecraft coding hour.


This was inspirational for H as the introduction video featured one of the makers of Minecraft which H though amazing!

There was our final work on symmetry. The boys were investigating how many lines of symmetry a shape might have. Both boys found this a little tough so we’ll re-visit it again but I think we’ll fold paper to make it more practical and visual for them.


In the afternoon Hubbie took the boys to the Snow Dome so H could have his snowboarding lesson. H was SO excited to pass level 3 which has proved quite tough for him to do. This has given him a huge boost to his confidence.

Saturday 30th January 2016

Saturday was a lovely lazy day with playing and chatting with O being home.

Little Miss F spent ages just plying with her Peppa Pig train. She loves to put Peppa and George Pig in the seats and push them round.


The boys were in the kitchen coding using code.studio.org. I have to say it’s been very popular!


O opened his special letter and got his certificate for passing level 1 TTRS (touch typing program).


We then went out and this was all of the conversation we got from O…


It’s a toughie though as you spend hours helping them to learn to read and when they do they become bookworms who don’t actually want to talk to you! I can’t complain as O is dyslexic and I’m just chuffed that reading has been easy for him.

In the afternoon T and H built robots and Star Wars planes.


Here’s Hubbie helping H.


Sunday 31st January 2016

Today I was lucky enough to have some time on my own with Little Miss F. Hubbie took O back to his school and T and H chose to go with him. As it’s a long round trip I knew they would be back late.


It was lovely having LMF to myself and we had lots of cuddles, playtime and then tucked up on the sofa under a blanket to watch her beloved Peppa Pig!

It was a hugely busy week this week and I think the boys accomplished so much.

Symmetry went really well with only the last session needing to be revisited. The coding went down a storm and the boys are very motivated and wanting to do more.

Next week is a slower week as we’ve an operation for T, H starts Occupational therapy and H also has his final assessment for dyspraxia so learning will fit around who is awake at the time and what they can all manage!


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