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January 28, 2016 posted by littlewhitecottage

How to make a toddler pillowcase…

This week in the workroom some of the ladies have been making pillowcases. They are a very simple and quick project perfect for a rainy afternoon.

You need 2 rectangles of fabric measuring 67 x 42cms and 76 x 42cms


Now on the smaller piece of fabric fold over the right of the shorter edge by 1cm, iron and then fold over 5ms, iron and pin.

The second piece of fabric (the larger one) fold over the shorter right edge as before but 1cm and then another cm, iron and pin.

Now sew these pinned folds and press.


Place the fabric right sides together with the larger piece on the bottom. Your project should look like the picture.


Fold over the longer piece of fabric over the top of the shorter length and pin as per the picture.


Start to sew where I’ve pointed.


Sew down the line.


Turn the corner.


Up the next side.


And along the top.


And into the corner.


I put the foot on the edge of the fabric as a sewing guide.


Once you’ve sewn round the outside, zig zap stitch along the edge of the fabric to overlock.


Turn your pillowcase right sides out and press.

You’ve finished!


A very quick and easy project.

Why not make a patchwork quilt to go with it?

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