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How to make your own fabric sword…

T has an art box that Granddad gave him and it’s full of his fabric stash and haberdashery items (many he’s chosen but some he’s snaffled from my workroom!) and also all of of art stuff. He’s free to use it as he wants and is fabulous at creating his own projects.

He came to me to say he wanted to make a sword out of his ‘girl and puppy fabric’ and that he’d already drawn a labelled picture of the sword. He showed me and I used his design to help him make a pattern of his sword ready to use to cut some fabric.

We talked about how we could use symmetry to make the pattern the same both sides as that is what a sword is like.


I drew it for him and he cut it out.


He opened it out and saw that it was symmetrical ‘Like butterfly wings!’



He then pinned the pattern to his fabric.

He knew to fold the fabric over as then he would only need to cut once. He’s made a few things before so remembered.



He pinned the pattern himself. Making sure he put the pin through to the back of the fabric ‘tickled the floor (not stabbed it!) and then brought the pin back out to the front.



After pinning T then cut round the fabric.

T is very good at using the floor give himself a better cutting position. He was free to use both his hands to complete the task.


Still cutting…


All done!


Time to take the pins out!

He next put the pieces of fabric right sides (pattern side) together and pinned around the outside ready to sew.

He’d already worked out that he needed to leave a gap for the stuffing and decided this would be at the bottom.


Here he is sewing the sword using Rosie who is one of our vintage sewing machines.

Next T turned the sword the right side out.


The he stuffed it using the toy stuffing I have in the workroom.


He then pinned the end and sewed up the opening.

Here’s the finished sword!


He’s very pleased with it but decided to add some detail using his silver ribbon. He wrapped the ribbon around the handle and he’s now hand sewing the ribbon in place so it doesn’t fall off when he plays with it.


He’s only a little bit to finish and then he’s done.

It’s interesting as sometimes H can get all caught up in not wanting to try something new but T really doesn’t give 2 hoots and is happy to just have a bash at something even if it goes wrong. H saw T’s sword and has now asked if he can make one. T is very happy to ‘lend’ H is pattern!

If you’d like T’s pattern to make your own sword click here. Just print out the pages and stick them together.

If you’d like more ideas for practical learning please do come and find us on Curiosity Led Learning.


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