January 13, 2016 posted by littlewhitecottage

Drawing with Little Miss F…

This morning the boys went to tennis and I had some time with F. It’s lovely to have a little bit of time with her as having the boys at home it doesn’t happen that often, or at least, not as often as I would like.

She absolutely loves to draw. It’s very much one of her most favourite things to do so I got out 4 pieces of A3 paper, sellotaped them together (turning the sellotaped bit to the floor so there wasn’t any sellotape on the paper to annoy her) and then sellotaped the 4 joined pieces to the floor. I put out some pencils and crayons and called her into the kitchen.

She immediately got quite excited and reached out for the pencils.


She was captivated for about 40 minutes. She drew, she dabbed, dotted, scribbled, laughed, giggled and had great fun. She changed position from sitting, leaning and lying on her tummy. She wasn’t restricted at all and didn’t mind the outcome of what she produced and was just happy with the colours that stayed on the page.

I love this age as they don’t fear trying. She hasn’t learned that sometimes her marks aren’t the ‘right’ shape of the ‘right’ size. I hope she loves her drawing for as long as possible.


When she’d finished the boys had come back so my littlest man decided he would have a go at drawing too.


He drew an alien. A lot of his artwork at the moment is space focused as he’s just finished reading the Usbourne Young Reader book ‘The Solar System’ and he’s been very inspired. We’ve had a lot of aliens being painted and drawn as well as rockets!

I loved what F did (as well as T but he is VERY prolific at the moment!) and I am looking to decorate her new room so I decided to use a bit of her artwork, frame it and then hang it in her room.


I took the mount out of the frame and put it on the paper to find a bit that would look fab.


I cut out the rectangle I liked.


Put the mount on top of the paper and then sellotaped it into place.


and then put it back into the frame.


All ready to pop on the wall of her new bedroom.

It’s really simple and colourful.

I love it.



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