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How to make a reindeer out of an old Christmas tree….

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This year we didn’t just want to throw the Christmas tree away. We wanted to make something out of it and something we could keep rather than just chop it up for logs for the fire. I’d seen some Father Christmas’ online and then came across some reindeers and thought this would be simple enough for us to make but also look quite effective.

We took the Christmas tree down from the bathroom -where it’s been since the 1st January! Surprisingly the needles were still attached and didn’t fall off when it was dragged down the stairs and out through my workroom which was good. H and Hubbie set about sawing the branches off so we could see what large wood we had.1

T then came out to have a go.


The boys were getting near the bottom.


Working together as a team.


The larger branches were a bit thicker so Hubbie helped. We don’t have all the right tools at the moment but in the next few months we are setting one of our garages up as a workroom for the boys and using my late father-in-laws tools to help them get started. We are all looking forward to getting started.


T measuring out the length of the body and  making a mark so we know where to cut.


H and Hubbie use the very large wood saw (see, we really don’t have the right tools for the right job yet!)


All the boys had a go and loved the sound it made.

Opening the clamp of the workmate and moving the branch up ready to mark out the head.


We cut leg pieces and also some antlers from other parts of the leftover Christmas tree.

I laid them out so we could check we had the right length parts -roughly.


Hubbie used the drill to make a hole to join the smaller bits of wood together.


We whittled down the ends of the legs, neck and antlers so we could slot them into the drilled holes. We are going to glue the parts into place as our reindeer is going to live outside – where reindeers should live!


Seeing if it fits.


In it goes.


Yes it does!


O whittles down the next leg.


Making it smaller so it fits the hole.


The legs are all fitted.


Ans he stands up!


Yes he’s a bit lopsided but once he’s glued and stuck we can then trim where necessary.

We then drilled holes for the neck to connect to the body.


And we drilled holes for the antlers. I made these by trimming down some of the left over foliage. The needles will fall of over time but we don’t mind. Here he is!


The boys were very excited!

We have wood left to make 2 more smaller reindeers so we’ll do that over the next couple of days. I’m going to carve ‘2015’ on the front so we can keep our reindeers and know how old they are.

Here he is after being glued.


The boys called him ‘Zeke’ after the carnival freak in the musical Matilda that they are all very into at the moment. I was hoping for ‘Dancer’ or ‘Blitzen’ but hey ho, it’s the boys project.

We’ll add a coat of varnish too just to help them be waterproof so they last for many years to come and he’ll hopefully be joined by another little friend next year.



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