January 7, 2016 posted by littlewhitecottage

We went down to the woods today…

Today the boys decided that a visit to our favourite woods was a good idea.

I wasn’t so sure as the weather has been atrocious and after all of the rain I knew that the woods would be soggy, muddy, slippy and anything but fun.

I was overruled and as we’d not been out all day I knew the boys needed to run around for a bit so we set off for the woods via the petrol station and fed the parking metre with £1.70. We checked the gate closing time: 5pm so we had an hour and a half.

The boys wanted to see ‘the bog’ so that’s where we went first.


This photo really doesn’t do it justice as it’s so much more muddier and full of water than you can see. Normally my lot run off to walk along the trunk laid over the bog and have fun balancing trying to get across the bog to each other. They then get large sticks and try to push each other off the trunks and see who can ‘accidentally’ get as muddy as they can before they are told off. (I really don’t mind mud at all but there is a limit if you can’t even recognise your own child due to the mud all over them!)

Even the boys felt that the bog was a bit to boggy for them today so they went over to the park.

H has been practising his swinging today. He’s taken a while to learn how to swing himself as the coordination is a little tough for him to manage. He did so much better than he has done before though and managed to get himself moving which is really good. He was very pleased.


They then moved onto the round swing. I’m sure it’s got a proper name but in our house it’s called ‘the round swing.’


O was happy to push while H and T stood up and balanced. Again I was pleased that H managed this. They even kept themselves swinging by leaning and using their legs to push the swing out while O went to the loo.


We then went to another of their favourite parts of the wood – the tree house. In the summer holidays the boys came with some friends and carried on building a platform that other children had started. Unfortunately this had been taken down (as they often are) and H really wasn’t very happy about it. He called this his ‘sad H face…’

He decided to use the sticks and branches lying about to have a go at building the platform again.


He became quite determined.

Arguing did break out though between my tired boys as H hadn’t eaten much today and he wasn’t in the mood to share or work in a team. He was rude to his brothers and me so I said I couldn’t help if he was being rude but said I would if he calmed down.


He did calm down and asked for help so we I helped him to put the sticks across the 2 tree branches. He knew exactly what to do but the cold and the tiredness took its toll and all of our hands started to hurt so we called it a day and made our way back through the woods and back to the car.


We saw the sun go down through the trees and all said how beautiful it was.

It was a lovely, if not a little stressed, ending to the day and reminded us exactly what season we are in as we got into the car and turned on the heaters and the seat warmers and kept our hoods up until a few miles away from the woods.

We’ll be back soon, when the weather starts to improve, so H can have another go at his platform. I’ll have a chat with him first though about how working in a team can make things happen faster and how sharing your plans and allocating jobs can help projects happen rather than struggling on your own. I’ll remind him how stressed he was when he was working on his own and we’ll chat together in the car so they can work out what they are going to do before they get there.

I might even take some hot chocolate in the thermos flasks too, as a little treat…


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