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5 fabulous quilts that you can make from scraps of fabric…

I’m in the process of finishing off F’s quilt that I’ve been making her over the past few months. It’s taken time as I’ve had to manage family with teaching my classes in the evenings and because we’re a larger family I don’t always get the time to sew that I’d like.

I wanted a bit of inspiration to get my mojo back so I spent some time on the internet having a look at quilts as a lovely quilt with fabulous fabric always gets me wanting to rush to my workroom and get started!

Here’s what I found that I wanted to share…

1. This is a beautiful quilt from Emily-Ann’s Kloset (you can find the full blog here with other beautiful pictures to drool over)

Flower quilt

Photo credit: Emily Ann’s Kloset


I love it becasue the design is incredible simple but really effective. The contrast of the quilting is also really interesting too as with F’s quilt I am wanting to quilt diagonally across the quilt as this isn’t something I’ve done before as I tend to just stitch in the ditch or hand quilt around an applique shape. Having done my own flower applique design on F’s cushion already I like the idea of having flowers on the quilt too. It’s a little too late this time, maybe for my next quilt?

This quilt is also really good for using up all those smaller little scraps that you have (that we all have! Mine is overflowing in my workroom!) and you can also add in other little bits of fabrics that are precious to you or even make the whole design from old baby clothes and work it as a memory blanket.

If you like the pattern it’s a June Bug pattern by Thimbleblossom and you can buy it here.

2. This quilt called ‘Oh My Stars’ from Make it do

Star quilt

Photo credit: Make It Do.

I like it as I think it’s a really clever way using the red star to pull all of the different colours and patterns of fabric together. Your eye automatically falls on the star and then you look at the other pieces of fabric which makes what could be a very busy quilt into a calmer one. If you click on the link to the website you can buy a pattern and instructions for the quilt too.

3.  This quilt is called ‘Modern Stripes’ and is available from an Etsy shop called Frozen Knickers (great name!) and you can get the pattern here.

Fabric Strips Quilt

Photo credit: Frozen Knickers


For me this is a cool, calm and contemporary quilt that is patchwork but of the new jelly roll/sewing long lines of fabric together type. I think it’s for those who want the look of a patchwork quilt but not the traditional squares, log cabins or other traditional applique quilts. I can see off cuts of curtains after they’ve been taken up being perfect for this quilt and to make the white fabric more economical you could buy a white, cotton duvet and use that instead of buying cotton (which can be expensive) by the metre from a fabric shop.

4. This quilt is by Baraboo (you can find them here on Etsy)

Owl Quilt

Photo credit: Baraboo

This is a baby quilt and I really love the design. I think you could really make good use of the petals, if you’re pregnant, by asking people to donate to you a small piece of fabric that you then use for the tree, petals and Owl. Have a small blank book to then stick any off cuts into writing down next to them the names of the people that gave you the fabric. If you have a baby shower or after the baby is born you can then ask people to write a little note by their fabric as a memento of your pregnancy or to celebrate the birth of your little one. This is a memory blanket of a different sort really, a hope for the future baby that will become a memory you will cherish.

5. Gingham quilt made by Crafty Blossom

Gingham Quilt

Photo credit: Crafty Blossom


After I finish F’s quilt  aim to start one for O. He’s a bit older than when I made the last one for him (a red, white and blue one made from scraps during the Olympics) and I’ve been thinking that grays and yellows would be good for a boy heading into his teenaged years. I struggle with lots of fabrics when I’m in a fabric shop as they seem very lent towards females and finding good fabrics that don’t have superheroes and dogs on is really quite tough. I’ve seen some geometric fabrics from Moda but this quilt has given me another idea. I love the use of the block colours to great a fabric gingham effect as I think it’s really clever. The double quilting on the squares has also given another texture to it and it’s all set off fabulously by the pop of the yellow binding. I definitely think this is something I might make for O.

There are just so many beautiful quilts out there and really not enough time to talk about them in all this blog but these are just a few that I think would be great to use up your scrap with. I’m off to have a delve in my huge pile that’s overflowing the basket in my workroom and see what loveliness I can find.




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