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Making paper decorations out of an old magazine…

We have a few old magazines about the house. I’ve lots for my sewing classes that I use as inspiration and some are very dog eared and much loved due to constantly being thumbed through whereas some aren’t really looked at again after the first read with a cup of tea.

I got one of these old mags off the shelf; it was from 2011! I got out the cutting mat, rotary cutter, selotape and scissors along with the big wooden ruler.


I used the wooden ruler as a width measurement and also to rest the rotary cutter on so I could cut strips ready to make paper chains.


Here are the paper strips.


Ollie enjoyed making a very long chain. I did ask if they could measure the length of their chains using the metre ruler. Ollie managed 4.65cms and Henry managed just over 2 metres.

Henry had a go using the rotary cutter.

He found this a bit tough but enjoyed shredding the paper.


I cut out some circles for the boys to make snowflakes out of. They folded the circle into halves and then quarters and I showed Henry how to cut little bits out of the folded paper. I reminded him to imagine the scissors were like a ‘crocodiles mouth’ and that he needed to open the blades wide and put the paper right onto the blade. He has a tendency to snip and this makes cutting all the more tough for him.


Ollie drew his own circles using the selotape circle as a template.

We then used some of the leftover strips, laid 2 at right angles overlapping each other and folded one strip over the other.


Henry enjoyed doing this.


We attached more paper strips when we had folded the first set to the end.


Henry then drew a face on the top of his folded strips and said it was like a Jack-in-the-box!

Both boys enjoyed making the paper decorations and Ollie has already put his up in his bedroom.

I’m sure if you wanted to make them more christmassy you could use wrapping paper which wouldn’t cost much. If you bought a 3 for the price of 2 you would have so much paper that would work well together in terms of colour and decoration.

I’m going to print off some instructions to make a lantern for the boys to make tomorrow. I’m going to see if they can follow the instructions and work together to make lanterns for the house.

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