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October 26, 2015 posted by littlewhitecottage

How to remake a cushion… (an upcycling blog)

We were out and about during the weekend and we walked passed a charity shop to get to the bike shop we needed to visit. I always look in the windows of charity shops to see what they might have and I saw this box under the window display outside.


All of the cushions in the box were £1 each. Cushions are always a good thing to rummage around in a charity shop as you can pick up the infills for cheaper than you might in the shops and also some of the cushion covers are also worth having. I found one that was a hand sewn half cross stitch wool work cushion and I really liked the design. it was a bit tatty but for only £1 I was happy to buy it and see what I could do with it at home.

Here is after I had given it a wash in the washing machine.


The wool design had held together really well but the cushion had started to come undone at the sides.22

And the other side…


This meant it was pretty unusable in its current state so it needed to be remade.

I turned it inside out


and you can see just how bad a state it was in.

it wasn’t made properly in that it wasn’t finished properly and it couldn’t withstand a wash in the washing machine.


The zip, despite being handsewn in using a rough running stitch, was still in place but I’d made the decision to take the front off and replace the back with an newer envelope backing.


Here is one of the sides unpicked. You can see it’s very frayed.


Here is the cushion front with the back and zip taken off.


I like to line my cushions fronts as this makes them more rugged in the wash plus it also gives the cushion a better quality finish I think. All my cushions need to be washed and washed again as I have 4 small children who not only get the cushions dirty but my 3 boys use the cushions as weapons on many occasions so they need to be strong also!

I pinned the cushion front to a piece of white fabric I had. I keep old sheets, pillow cases and the linings from old curtains for this sort of thing.


You can see the backing of the woolen design is very frayed so much that I will have to sew on one of the rows and this will make the cushion a slightly smaller size than it first started out. This is absolutely fine as you can’t sew on frayed fabric if you want your cushion to last. I’ve pinned and you can see I’m pointing the line where I will sew.


I’ve sewn the cushion front to the lining fabric. You can see that the cushion front has lost it’s shape. I’m not to bothered about this at this stage as I know it will sort itself out. I can’t ‘square it off’ and make it good as I will lose the balance of the design as the border will be cut into. As this is a cushion it will be slightly curved and this will even out the stretch in the cushion front.


I cut the excess white fabric off.


I then zig zagged around the edge to seal the edges so they don’t fray again.


Now this is all neat and ready for the envelope back.


One the back is pinned and sewn I cut it off to the edge of the cushion and zig zag around again.

The cushion will now be washable and not fray and it will also be strong enough to last 3 boys hitting each other with it!


The inside is now much neater than when I bought the cushion!


Here it is finished.


The side seams are now much neater.


And here it is on the chair in the workroom ready for when the ladies start their sewing classes again.


This was a very easy project that anyone could have a go at. For only £1 and about 45 minutes of my time I have another handmade cushion for my workroom.

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