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How to make a lined drawstring bag…

Henry has just started the descant recorder at school and as we have a few recorders at home he can take his own in to play. I wanted him to have a little drawstring bag to put it in as not only does he cycle to school with a large bag on his back but he’s a haphazard boy and the bag gets dropped when I’m with him so goodness knows what happens when I’m not. I thought a bag would help protect it.

Henry chose the monster fabric and I chose the lining.

This is a really quick and simple tutorial showing you how to make them.

You’ll need 2 rectangles of fabric both measuring 24cms x 46cms. 1 of these will be your outside fabric and 1 will be the inside.



Fold down the sides 1cm and iron on 1 piece of fabric. On the other just do the 1 side.


Place the fabrics wrong sides together – so you can still see the pattern of each fabric.

Line up the edges on 1 side and then pin.


Pin the 2 pieces of fabric together.


The side of fabric that wasn’t folded under and ironed you now need to fold under matching the edge of the other piece.


Pin and sew quite close the edge – see the picture below.


You should now have a tube of fabric that’s sewn down either side.

Next fold the top over 1cm and iron. I fold the lining over the main fabric as I want a contrasting channel at the top of my bag. If you don’t want this and would rather the lining stay inside fold the channel the other way.


 Fold over 2cms, iron and then pin. You are making the channel for the drawstring now8+8

This is what your channel should look like; a small fold then a larger fold.


Sew down the folded edge that’s furthest away from the top of the fabric. Again quite close to the edge.

(This picture is my favourite as it looks like the monsters are screaming as I sew near them!)


Once you’ve sewn the channel fold the fabric right sides together. This is the outer fabric back on itself, you should now be looking at the lining fabric.


Now sew down the pinned edge making sure you start UNDER the open channel – see the picture. Don’t sew the channel shut!


Here’s where you start to sew.


Sew down the edge of the fabric. Keep to the left of your previous sewn line.


Sew down to the bottom and turn the corner.


Sew across the bottom.


Zig zag stitch to overlock the stray threads.


Turn the bag out the right way and thread a cord through the channel then tie in a knot to finish.

Here’s your finished bag.


You can use this tutorial not just to make recorder bags but also lined drawstring bags of any size.

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