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How to make a toddler’s top from an old skirt…


Yesterday I took apart one of my old skirts and made a pair of trousers for my 14 month old daughter. Here is the the blog if you’d like to take a look.

I made the trousers from the top, patterned fabric but I had the lining fabric left over which is a really lovely teal coloured cotton.


I knew this would make a top that would go with the trousers so I used this pattern as I’ve made a few of these little peasant style tops over the week and I really love it as it’s simple and looks great on my little girl.


As there was a bit of fabric left over I chose to cut it longer than the pattern. This is so Florie will have a dress but then it will become a tunic and then a top as she grows. As the lining of the skirt had been hemmed this would made the making of the dress really easy as 1 part of the process was already done.

After cutting the front and back panels I didn’t have enough fabric for the sleeves so I used a little bit of Liberty fabric from my fabric stash.

Here’s all the cut parts of the top.


I sewed the sleeve panels onto one of the back/front panels right sides together and then did the same with the other front/back panel. For a fuller tutorial as to how to make up the top see here.

After sewing the parts together I zig zagged along the seems to prevent fraying.


The sleeve fabric looks fab but I wanted the sleeves and the dress to ‘go’ together so I decided to applique something onto the dress front.

I’ve a few templates that I’ve made and kept over the years so I did have a few to chose from but I’ve not really ever done much with owls so I chose and owl shape I’d drawn a while back and cut the main body shape out of the Liberty fabric and eyes and wings from the teal cotton. I pinned the cut shapes onto the dress and used a small zig zag stitch around the shapes to attach the fabrics together.


I added white buttons with black threads as eyes and also a felt, yellow triangle as a beak.


Once the applique was finished I turned over the neckline a cm and then 2 cms to make the channel for the elastic.

I then turned over the hem by a cm and then another and sewed this. I had a bit of a ‘moment’ when cutting the second front/back panel and cut round the pattern so I couldn’t make it into a dress as I’d planned. I then had to cut the first one smaller to match them!


Here’s the finished top.


I have to say I think this is the favourite top I’ve made in this style so far. I’m really liking the applique and may do some more next week.


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