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What to do with an old skirt… (How to upcycle and old skirt)

I’m going through my clothes at the moment and just finding those things that just don’t fit me anymore, I haven’t worn for ages or I think that I could make something nicer out of. I’ve had 4 children and my body shape isn’t what it used to be and I also find that some of my clothes I’ve had for years aren’t really those that I want to wear anymore. Don’t get me wrong I really don’t have an extensive wardrobe as I’m actually quite lazy but having a sort out means I can look to reuse what I really won’t be wearing again.

Here’s today’s project: a lined skirt.



I loved this skirt when I first bought it but I haven’t ever really worn it that much. It’s a little too long and a little too big round the waist and although I like the fabric I don’t really like it on me if that makes sense? I think maybe a cushion would be better than a skirt!

I cut along the 2 seams and also cut the waistband off and I was left with 2 pairs of similar sized fabric.


The lining was thinner than the top fabric so I decided to make a set of bottoms from the top, thicker material. Florie is still crawling and needs thicker fabrics on her knees!

A there is already a hem I decided to make my life a little easier and use this as the bottom of the trouser legs. I out them together…


and flattened them out together ready to put the pattern on.


Here’s my pattern. It was originally one that I downloaded to make pyjamas for older children but I just cut it down initially to make some pyjama bottoms for Florie. She is still a little too small for the full length of my pattern so I just keep the trouser legs a little shorter than paper and just pull the waist in a bit more with the elastic.

I put both sides of the fabric together – right sides together, pinned the paper pattern and then cut around it.


Once cut you need to pin the curves. The larger curve is the bottom and the smaller is the crotch.

Once you’ve pinned sew together. I keep the foot on the edge of the fabric and this gives me a good sized seam. I then zig zag over the seam to secure the edges.


To make them look more like trousers, ope them out and match the 2 seams together.

2 trouser legs should appear and they make a bit more sense!


You can see how the already hemmed bottoms are really helpful!

Now you need to pin the crotch together matching up the seams.


Now push one seam to one side and the other to the other side.


You’ll have a little bit of fabric poking above the fabric to snip this off and pin ready to sew.


Now pin down both legs.


And sew.

Again keep the foot on the edge of the fabric and once you’ve finished straight stitching then go back over with a zig zag stitch to secure the edges.


To make up the waist band turn over the to of the trouser 1cm and then press. Now turn over 2cms, press and pin. Leave a gap at the back to run a pin with elastic through.


Sew on the very edge of the folded fabric away from the top.


I use a large safety pin, a quilting safety pin or a pair of tweezers to thread the elastic through the channel. I use 6mm elastic as it’s quite stretchy and is softer for little waists.


Measure the waistband of your little person and pin together the elastic where you need to sew it.

Sew a large rectangle on the elastic.


Let the elastic go and it will automatically feed back into the channel at the top of the trousers.

I then insert a small label before sewing up the gap. I do this so the children know what is the back and what is the front. If you are unsure when you are sewing open up the trousers and look in, the larger curve should be for the bottom and should go at the back.

I use a small piece of felt and cut into a triangle using pinking shears.


I insert it into the gap.


Pin and sew it.


Turn out the right side and it’s finished!


Now have a look at the top I made from the lining fabric.


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