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How to make a gypsy top for a little girl from an old blouse…

I’m very into making little gypsy/peasant tops for my little girl at the moment. They are easy to make and with a bit of imagination you can customise them to make them your own.

I’ve had a blouse that I really liked but had a large tear in the sleeve in my fabric stash for a couple of years and I knew I wanted to male something with it, I jut didn’t really know what. I’ve resized a simple shirt dress pattern and made a dress using one of my old blouses but I really wanted to see if I could use the gypsy pattern to make this one.

Here’s the blouse

1 It’s a creamy colour and has lots of inserted cotton lace panels. I really loved it when I bought and I still do.

I used this pattern From Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mum. It’s a very easy pattern that you finish off using the measurement of your child. I chose to make the front panel the same as the back rather than having the back neckline slightly higher.

I cut apart the blouse, ironed the front and back panel and then ironed them both in half.

I took the front panel and folded it in half along the button line. I then pinned the pattern on the fold, fitting the pattern on the fabric as best as I could.


Here it is cut out.


I did the same for the back panel.

Here they are cut out.

I think the cotton lace panels look great.


I cut apart the sleeves and then folded them in half length ways and placed the sleeve pattern on the fold. Once cut I did the same for the other sleeve.


I sewed it together as per the pattern.


I then had a choice as to how to finish the dress.

I could double fold the hem and just sew. I could double fold the hem and then add a couple of lines of shirring to make them more fitted. I could add applique or I could just make up some bias binding and then edge the sleeves with that.

I have some Liberty fabric in my stash and have been saving it for a special project. I made some bias binding by ironing the fabric and then taking a plastic 30cm ruler I drew down either side  of the edges. I cut out the fabric and then folded over 1/2cm on both sides and ironed. I then folded the bias binding in half and it was finished.


I added some of the same binding to the bottom of the dress.

Here it is finished.


I’m very happy with the finished top and I really love that my favourite blouse is going to get another life rather than me just throwing it away.


It’s very lightweight fabric so will be perfect for summer and it’ll also go with any bottoms as it’s a plain cream.

This pattern has been very easy to use and adapt. I’ll definitely be making bigger dresses/tops as my daughter gets bigger.


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