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How to plan a boat building party…

We’ve had a rest from party planning as last year we had our 4th baby Florie. I said to the boys that I couldn’t manage homemade parties with such a tiny baby so when Florie turned 1 we all looked forward to planning our next party…

Tobes wanted a smaller party rather than having the whole class round so we invited 10 of his friends and set about thinking about what we could do.

Earlier on in the year we had a few of Ollie’s friends over and they made boats out of the old roasting tins that we’d collected over a few weeks and as they’d had such a great time we though we’d do this for Tobes. He thought this a great idea and we set off eating lots of chicken again as we needed another 10 tins!

Here’s the back garden set up


I brought out one of our vintage sewing machines so the boys could make sails with the felt pile I’d brought out from my workroom.

Tobias is very accomplished in using the machine and I know that boys are fascinated with them when they come over and visit so I knew it would be safe to do. I stayed with the machine and the boy using it at all times just to stay safe.

They had to use the saw to saw some dowel to the right size to make a mast for their boat. Here’s my dad showing one little chap how to saw before he had a go.


Here they are with their masts. We used a blob of blutac to put the mast in and then used our glue gun to glue the bluetac to the boat. We found this works better as bluetac alone doesn’t stick if it gets wet.


Hubbie did the glue gunning as, again, we wanted to have fun but be safe.


Here they are cutting the felt into the sail shape they wanted. To add decoration they cut other coloured felt and used the sewing machine to sew them together.


Here’s my little man using the sewing machine.


Here’s a sail that’s complete – doesn’t the sewing look great!


We asked the boys if they could design a seat so their Playmobil man wouldn’t get thrown about in the boat. They used the saw, scissors and the balsa wood to make them. They used blutac to help construct the seat but we then glued it to make sure it didn’t fall off in the pond.


J then came up with a seat belt to keep his man safe!


Once the boats were finished they then had some food.


…played a bit of football on the common while I cleared up.


We then all walked up to the duck pond (with mums and dads that had arrived to see the boat launching) and floated our boats.


Here’s more floating boats.


The boys had great fun!


It was then back to the house for cake.


This cake was a bit of a disaster too as Hubbie caught the first one in the oven when taking it out and tore the whole of the top off so the cake in the photo is cake no 2 made very quickly as a replacement.

I then found out I didn’t have any icing so looking in the cupboard for anything sticky I saw the golden syrup. I smeared the golden syrup over the top and then sprinkled hundreds and thousands which seemed to work okay!

All in all it was a fab little party. The boys were very surprised (and happy) when they found out they could take their boats home with them. We didn’t do a party bag as we felt that the party didn’t really need it. The cake was eaten so it all worked out well.

Now to plan a marble run party made from thick cardboard tubes from the inside of carpets!

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