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How to take an iron apart… (unusual things to do to occupy children)

Due to my job as a sewing teacher I seem to get through 2 things very quickly. 1) Ironing board covers – they pretty much disintegrate after a few weeks as there is more pressing than ironing done of them and this constant heated pressure make the fabric perish much more quickly than just ironing. 2) Irons – as we use a product called ‘heat and bond’ (double sided sticky tape for fabric that you heat) sometimes my ladies can accidentally iron on the glue side of the heat and bond rather than the paper side and once it’s on the iron, it really doesn’t come off. The black sticky tar that it turns into after multiple heatings mean that’s the end of the iron really.

In my workroom I have 2 broken irons. 1 was a genuine broken iron. One day it was working and the next it just stopped. The other iron was a victim of the dreaded heat and bond and was completely useless for ironing. I’d said to Hubbie that I wanted the boys to take them apart to see what was inside and after he ‘d got through a facial expression that was really saying ‘Here we go again..’ he said ‘Why not?’

We brought the irons outside.


They started with the plugs.


Henny was both hands today.


this is what was inside the plug!


Hubbie used a pair of scissors (not recommended by the way) as it was a very strange screw holding the plastic bit.


We got in!


Ollie then got stuck in with the screwdriver. He knew the rhyme ‘Lucy lefty, right tighty’ so he knew which way to unscrew the screws.


Henny’s iron was easier to get into with our phillips screwdriver. We showed the boys the different screwdrivers we had and we found out that we didn’t need the slot head one just the phillips.


They took the plastic top off and exposed the heat plate.


I can’t say that Tobes was overly interested after the initial enthusiasm. He wandered off to make a garage for the blue car that Florie was playing with.


Oliver was determined to get the sealed unit that, we think, held the when it came from the water tank to make the steam. We don’t know this to be true but we think it plausible! It would make sense why this part was completely sealed.


I cut open the lead to show the boys what was inside.


I’ve no idea what this is but we thought it looked quite cool.


I collected all of the little parts of the irons and put them in the wooden board. I got some green felt from my workroom and laid it out and called Tobes over and asked if he’d like to do some art. THIS got him fired up and off he went.


He arranged the screws in height order and I laid out the other ‘bits.’

This was the finished product.

Quite cool isn’t it!


Florie joined in too. Here she is holding a piece of an iron.


Hubbie stripped the wires to show the boys what was inside.


Tobes said ‘Woah!’ when the bunch of copper wire sprung loose.


We had a fab afternoon investigation and discovering. My boys were very interested at different times with different aspects of taking the irons apart.

Ollie and Henry kept the plastic base of the irons as they want to try to make them into boats at a later date. I can see why they do as they are perfect boat shapes. Ollie is going to have a look on Amazon to see of he can buy a motor as he’s thinking speed boat.


We made a mess but had some fun that was free.


We’ve kept both the leads and the plugs so next weekend we can teach the boys how to wire a plug. I say ‘we’ but I’ve absolutely no idea how to do this so Hubbie will be teaching us all.


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