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April 12, 2015 posted by littlewhitecottage

How to make a boat from a roasting tin…

We had a couple of roast chickens that were the quick, bung-in-the-oven ones and when we took the cooked chickens out of the oven the boys noticed that the trays looked like boats and after they were washed they decided to keep them and save them (we are a larger family and need 2 chickens for a roast) to make boats. After a few months we had quite a collection so in the Easter holidays we invited round a few friends to come and make their own boat.

There were a couple that weren’t boat shaped but the boys didn’t seem to mind so we kept these too.


We got together some dowel, blue tac, string, fabric and selotape as well as a little saw and scissors. I got out the fabric pens as I knew some of them might want to add details to their sails.

There was lots of thinking, trying out ideas and experimenting.


They were all very safe with the saw.


A few went in the house but most stayed outside.


The mums got involved…


and one made her very own boat with some recycling that her lovelies had brought with them. (It was called ‘HMS Tipsy’)


Here are some of the finished boats.


The sails had fab designs!


My happy chap.


We walked across the common to the pond and floated our boats. We did tie string to the front of each boat so they wouldn’t float away.


Having fun with the boats


.HMS Tipsy kind of floated but then started to sink.


There were lots of on the spot repairs being made!


The pond.


The sails eventually broke as they got wet and the blue tac didn’t hold the mast but they didn’t mind. The tins still floated and they turned into ‘speed boats!!!!’ and they all tried to make them go as fast as they could.


The dead hedgehog had them all fascinated too. It was such a shame but it had been in the pond for quite some time by the look of it.


They got a boat stuck on the reeds and then had to work together to get it back.


Which they did and it was all rather exciting.


Over all the boat making activity had them busy for about 4 hours -with a lunch break in the middle. They were all very proud of their boats and I was really surpried that the older boys, 11 and 12, were just as enthusiastic as they younger children.

It cost about  £15 which wasn’t bad I think as we had 11 children all occupied for hours.

 My lot have even asked if they can save more tins so they can make better designs as they know what changes they would make to keep the mast steady.

I really enjoyed the day too and I’m thinking of doing another one in the summer term half term holiday and I think we’ll build something with drills, saws and a whole lot of wood.

The boys can’t wait…

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