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How to make a fabulous birthday card…

Tobes’ best friend is having his birthday party tomorrow and we thought it a lovely idea for Tobes to make his own card. He’s a very arty chap and usually comes up with fab ideas so he thought this a brilliant idea.

I’ve got a range of blank cards in the workroom as my sewing pupils like to make cards with the machines. I got them out to show Tobes so he could chose the one he would like.

He chose a blue spotty card so I drew round the number 6 using one of my wooden templates and then Tobes set about making it a bit more interesting.

8 + 8

Instead of just colouring it in Tobes decided to just draw a single line of each colour to get a stripey effect. he’s done this before in the past but on an A4 piece of paper and it looked really effective. It’s very easy to do to too.

7 + 7

Here’s the beginning of the stripes.

Looking good!

You can see that the one he’s colouring is is try 2 as try one ended up spoiled as he got bored. he didn’t like the end result so he decided to do it again.

6 + 6

I then cut it out for him.

5 + 5

And then used double sided sticky tape on the back.

4 + 4

I peeled it off and stuck it down to the card. This just holds it securely while I then sew round the which card to attach it to the blue spotty card.

Here it is all stuck.

3 + 3

I used the sewing machine – I did this thought Tobes would have been very happy to have a go himself!

2 + 2

Here it is all finished.

10 + 1

Lovely. A homemade card for a birthday best friend.

I buy the card blanks from Hobbycraft and they are £5 for 50 white cards and envelopes.

The blue spotty cards are from Sainsbury’s (I saw them while shopping and liked them) and the were £2.50 for 8 I think. There are 2 blue spotty, 2 pink, 2 lilac and 2 green ones.

This card, with matching envelope cost around 40p but using the white card would cost around 15p including the envelope.

Much cheaper -and nicer – than a shop bought one.

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