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How to make 4 drawstring bags from a pair of old pyjamas…

Hubbie came downstairs this morning and gave me his very worn out pyjamas. The elastic had finally gone and as there was already a few holes we both decided they were beyond repair. Hubbie knows I like to make new things from the old clothes we don’t need anymore so he challenged me by asking ‘what can you make from these then?


Normally I only sew with 100% cotton fabric and stay right away from stretchy t-shirt fabric as I don’t enjoy sewing with it and once it’s cut it does go wildly out of shape very easily but as the boys had already noticed the fact that Daddy’s pyjamas were made from ‘Batman fabric!!!!’ meant that this was too good to be thrown away and Mummy needed to come up with something so they boys could keep it.

Here’s some of the holes…


Our car is very messy and gets ever more so over the school holidays. We have 8 weeks of bimbling around the countryside to look forward to but also 8 weeks of getting in the car and wondering where the headphones are for the TV (long journeys only mind) and also needing somewhere to put the DS’s when we get out the car for days out. With this in mind I thought that making a drawstring bag for each boy would be a good idea so I set about making them.

I cut a leg off and opened it out at one seam and then laid the drawstring bag template on the fabric.


I pinned and cut round the template.


I folded the template in half to cut 2 extra pieces to make another bag.


I cut round leaving a little extra seam allowance on the left hand side as sewing 2 pieces together I needed extra fabric for the seam to make it the same size as the other bag.


I then made up the bag using these instructions.

I cut the second leg slightly differently in that I cut down from the gusset to open it out and this meant I was able to get 2 bags templates on the fabric with no need to make a bag out of 2 separate pieces.

Here’s a finished bag with the headphones and DS. Actually being stretchy fabric has turned into a bonus as the boys will be able to get lots in their bag!


Here’s the 4 bags.


When the baby sleeps tomorrow I’ll add initials so the boys know whose is whose.


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