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How to make an easy chocolate mousse…

This is the pudding that we all love. I make it in small individual ramekins and we all tuck in and I find it so rich I sometimes don’t finish it and the boys always have a ring of chocolate round their mouths that makes me laugh. It’s a very rich pudding so you really don’t need very much -unless you’re a small boy in which case you can never have enough…

There is no weighing, the recipe is simple

1 portion = 1 egg and 50g of chocolate.

I’m making for 6 so I’m melting 300g of chocolate in a bowl over water. (I can’t find my glass bowls since we’ve moved so I’m just using a china one)


Whilst this was melting I separated 6 eggs.


Here’s the melted chocolate, I could dive right in!


Take the chocolate off the heat and mix in the egg yolks while it’s still warm.


Leave the chocolate egg mixture to cool for 15 minutes. Then whisk the egg white until they are soft and fluffy.


Here they are getting soft and fluffy.


Carefully add the beated egg whites to the chocolate egg mixture and fold in. I always end up stirring it and this seems fine!

I then share the mixture between however many ramekins I need.


Put the mousses (that seems wrong, what’s the plural of mousse?) in the fridge to cool and serve whenever you want to eat them.

We like to fill the ramekin up to the top with cream just to add a few more calories. We don’t have it that often so really, what the heck not!



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