June 4, 2014 posted by littlewhitecottage

Today I learnt…

me x

Today I learnt that I need to pack the rain cover for the pram even though I think it’s only drizzling. Running through a shopping centre pushing your 7 week old through the (nearly) pouring rain isn’t a good thing especially when I’ve done this before with another baby.

I learnt that there is a limit to how messy your car can get before people actually try to outdo you. I’ve reached it it seems as the open door that a friend of mine saw accompanied with my rather sheepish ‘Ha ha my car’s really messy isn’t it!’ that normally gets the response of ‘Oh that’s nothing, you should see mine!!’ today met with total silence. My car is a dustbin whose lid cannot be closed it seems. I know what I’ll be doing at the weekend…

I learnt that having Daddy pick you up from school when you’re a 4 year old boy can be the most marvellous thing in the world. It can beat Disney, chocolate and (dare I say it) anything pink! Seeing your 4 year old run into his Daddy’s arms is magical and watching all the other parents who saw say ‘awwwww’ is too.

I’ve learnt that my daughter’s (I still giggle inside at using that word) head circumferences is 39.5cms. This makes me feel good as it’s bigger than when she was born. I know she is growing and I am proud that this time it’s because I am feeding her. I’m learning that my body did well this time and so did my mind.

I learnt that I still love sewing and that after a little break I was desperate to get the machine out again. I’ve learnt that although I miss my amazing workroom all I need is an idea, a little time and some gorgeous fabric.

Having lunch with your Hubbie of 10 years when you didn’t get to celebrate your 10th wedding anniversary as instead of being a happy day it was the saddest day for our family. Today’s lunch taught me that anniversaries can be celebrated anywhere and anytime so long as the one you want to be with is there. I also learnt that it is possible to get a pram in Wagamamas and have your 7 week old sleep so Mummy and Daddy can have a lovely lunch together.

I learnt that it is indeed brave to decide this is the day to start your baby’s bedtime routine. This was the day and I also learnt to check that the plug is in the baby bath before you fill it with 6 jugfulls of water. I learnt that towels can soak up much more water than you think when you’re totally desperate.

I learnt that the bedtime routines for all my boys (and now girl) include a lot of words beginning with ‘B.’ There is bath, book (boob for Florie) and then bed. The sit down I’m having now should be ‘beautiful’ but I’m actually using it to blog.

I learnt that smartphones are just fabulous things. I really bucked against getting one but now I think they are marvellous things and, like the Filofaxes of the ’80’s for the ‘yuppy’ generation I really don’t think I can do without it. I’ve found a white noise app that is now playing ‘cabin noise’ to a now calm Florie who had not liked to learn that it was her bedtime.

I’ve learnt that even after 4 children I still sometimes know nothing. I’ve learnt that when I make stupid mistakes (the rain cover, the bath water) I no longer fall apart and start to cry though I do talk to myself often telling myself off.

I’ve learnt I can cope.

I’ve learnt that it’s not that bad.

I’ve learnt that I can sometimes, just sometimes, get it right.

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