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May 23, 2014 posted by littlewhitecottage

An alternative to guns for 66p…

I decided we needed some different and new bath time toys as the boys seem to be past playing with musical hippos, sieves and empty bubble bath bottles. The 2 middle boys still play with boats and Playmobil men but Ollie refuses to have any toys in the bath at all. I looked online and found some 20ml syringes and 3 different sized plastic jugs. I put them in the bathroom and like the wonderful sniffer children they sniffed out the new ‘toys’ even before I’d shown them…

The syringes proved an immediate success. Hen and Tobes immediately wanted a bath to try them out so after waiting the ridiculous time it takes to fill the bath (the water pressure changes apparently in the summer and what used to take an age now takes an eternity) the boys jumped in and started to fill. Now I know my boys and as soon as I saw their mischievous faces I knew that there was no way they would be using the syringes for anything other than spraying each other in the face at as close range as possible and, of course, they did this and it was soon after that the tears and revenge sprays started with much shouting of ‘But he started it!!!!!’

I then knew that these syringes would now become ‘Outside toys…’

The last weekend was so sunny and they have been on the X-box for slightly longer than I’d like considering the beautiful weather so I filled up the jam making pot with water, got the syringes and said the boys needed to come outside and play and after the first moaning’s of ‘It’s not fair’ they did.

Here they are filling up their weapons…

water fun 4

Spraying each other…

water fun 5

…and that fabulous close up revenge spray.

water fun 6

They refilled.

water fun 7

 Hid from each other and planned surprised attacks.

water fun 8

 There was much smiling.

wayer fun 3

And getting wet.

water fun 2

They also spilled out (pardon the pun) onto the common outside our house. Then  it was time to come in as Tobes (the one in the black towel without the smile!) had got very cold.

water fun 1

They had a good hour and half running around playing with the water and trying to ‘shoot’ each other. They didn’t mind refilling every 30 seconds (they were 20ml syringes) and now the syringes are back on my list of fab toys for the boys (outside division).

Not bad for 66p really…



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  • My daughter often plays with the syringes that come with calpol at bath time, although is an only child so tends to just squirt the wall!!!

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