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January 28, 2014 posted by littlewhitecottage

How to make a Mr Happy Mr Men t-shirt…

Here’s a really quick tutorial showing you how I made a Mr Happy t-shirt for my little man as he’s learning about the Mr Men at school. His favourite is Mr Happy so that’s why I started with this character.

Here’s what you need:


Draw round the glass to make a circle and cut it out.


Draw on the eyes, mouth and eye wrinkles.


I backstitched the mouth.


I whipped the back stitch to make the line thicker.


I filled in the eyes and back stitched the wrinkles.


I cut arms/hands and feet. I added a back stitched black line to separate the feet. I then laid out the cut pieces on the t-shirt ready to pin.


I started to sew the body using running stitch.

8 And the hands and also the feet.


All done!


I think my Mr Happy will be very happy when he sees this. I’m sure the other boys will put their orders in for the Mr Men character they’d like too!

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