January 23, 2014 posted by littlewhitecottage

A quick 10 minute tea idea… (an alternative to bread too!)

Due to my teaching sewing in the evenings and trying to hear reading, supervise homework and manage different pickup times of 3 boys there are those evenings where I just need to get something made quickly for tea. There are also those times when we want a bit of a break from traditional bread so here’s a quick idea using tortilla wraps that the boys really liked…

I bought a pack of the round wraps and had a delve in the fridge to see what we had to put in them. I found some ham and cheese and the boys all had various combinations of this.

I turned the grill on to warm up while I put ham and grated cheese on 1 half of the tortilla wrap. I put the wrap under the grill to melt the cheese into the ham.


I took out the wrap and then folded it into quarters popping it back under the grill to brown after each folding.


I took out the wrap and cut it in half and put it on the plate with cut up carrots and cucumbers.


The boys really liked this quick tea as they chose their own fillings I think. At the weekend, when we have more time they could even fill the wraps themselves.

You can put whatever you have leftover in the fridge -chilli, curry, different meats, tuna etc. so it’s a really useful way of using up what you have.

I’m now on the hunt for more quick tea ideas…




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  • Another great idea same wraps spread tomato puree on bottom add ham then grated cheese add dried herbs, place another wrap on top then repeat same with ham and cheese and place another wrap on top then pan fried till crispy and cheese has melted also good with pieces of chicken and pesto sauce 🙂

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