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January 17, 2014 posted by littlewhitecottage

How to make a family heirloom advent calendar part 2 – Cutting the scalloped pocket edge and sewing French knots.

In this tutorial (part 1 is here) I’ll show you how to mark out on your scalloped pocket edge where your French knot berries need to go and the demonstrate how to sew a French knot.

First, using your scalloped edge template (found here) cut out 25 white felt edges.


Next, using a pencil lightly mark out where you would like your berries to go.


Thread your needle with the red cotton Perle and tie a double knot in the end. This stops the thread coming through the felt.


Start from the back and sew through the felt coming through to the front.


Pull the thread so the knot is resting on the back of the felt.


Put the needle under the thread.


Wrap the thread around the needle 2 or 3 times. The more you wrap the thread the larger your knot will be.


Pull the thread so it’s tighter on the needle.


Wrap the thread around the needle.


Pull the thread tighter again.


Push the needle through the felt near to where you started sewing from the back to the front.


Pull the thread through.


You’ve sewn your first knot!


Here it is with the thread coming out from the back.


I don’t sew all the knots using the same thread still attached. I finish this thread and the move along and start the next knot as new. I do this because I don’t like it when the thread pulls the felt and make it not sit properly. (My YouTube video really shows this)

To end your thread take a few fibres of the felt making sure you aren’t sewing through to the front.


Sew through again but this time don’t pull the thread taught and leave a loop.


Put the needle through the loop.


Pull the thread through and then snip. You have finished your first knot.

Move onto your next knot starting as you did at the beginning of this tutorial.

Here are my 3 knots all sewn.


Here they are from the front.


In the next tutorial I’ll show you how to add the chain stitch petals.

French knots can be a little fiddly at the start if you’re not used to sewing them as it’s a bit tricky to hold the needle whilst wrapping the thread around as you can get a little lost with which hand should hold what. Practise on a spare piece of fabric first until you’re confident and then move onto your white felt.

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