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Potted breakfast… (the non-fried cooked breakfast)

I saw a post on my personal Facebook page during the week about using patty tins to make a quick and easy cooked breakfast so I thought I’d have a go at making it myself this morning as an alternative to pain au chocolates (‘pan oh do dahs’ as they are known in our house) and croissants. I especially thought that if this breakfast was a success then it would be great as a pre rugby training breakfast for all of us on Sundays. Here’s what I did…

The recipe said to put a little oil in the tins but I’d actually run out so I used a little butter.


I had bought some bacon medallions the previous day as I feel there’s so much that we cut off and don’t use in ordinary bacon rashers that this seemed a better use of meat. I think, for me, this comes from having quite fatty meat when I was growing up and really not enjoying it so much so that when I was a student I didn’t really eat meat as I just didn’t like what I thought it tasted like. Now I prefer to have less meat but meat that I like to eat.

I folded the medallions and put them in the tin.


I added some tomato for Hubbie as he loves cooked tomatoes whereas the boys don’t.


I added some grated cheese.


I added the cracked egg onto the top of the first pile but it went everywhere and that’s when my fears of the tins being to shallow held true and I had to find an alternative.

So I used my ramekins to make individual pots.


Hubbie doesn’t like eggs so he didn’t get any.

I put some fruit out for the boys whilst they were waiting.

4 They looked good when they came out of the oven and as I’d used smoked bacon the kitchen slowly filled with a fab smell that had the boys asking ‘when’s breakfast, is it ready yet??’


I’d also cooked some hash browns ready to put the potted breakfasts on the top.

Here’s the finished breakfast! It’s hard to see the cheese and bacon but it was there!


Here’s hubbie’s non-egg version.


All was enthusiastically eaten which was great to see. I felt that something was missing so next time I’m going to add a bit of sausage for the boys and black pudding for Hubbie so it really is a true cooked breakfast.

It took 18ish minutes to cook at a 170c (my oven runs very hot so you may want to try it at 180) and at the end we were waiting for the hash browns to finish cooking so I’d put them in first next time whilst I make the potted breakfast.

I like it that there are no pans, no mess and fuss as you just assemble the pot and then put it in the oven to cook. I think it could easily be done the night before and put in the fridge and just crack an egg in the morning and pop it in the heated oven.

I’ve also found a use for those extra sausages that I have left over when I cook sausages and mash (there’s always 1 or 2) as I’m going to wait till they’ve cooled and then put them in the freezer ready to use on this breakfast. I’d just need to slice them and then let them warm up in the layers of potted breakfast.

We all really loved this and we’ll definitely be making it again.


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