November 5, 2013 posted by littlewhitecottage

Our £2.50 profiterole birthday cake…

It’s Henry’s 6th birthday today so it’s time to make another cake. My New Year’s resolution this year was to learn to bake so I could make a birthday cake for each of the boys before it became ‘un cool’ to have your mother bake you a cake and at 9 Oliver was getting perilously close to the pre-teen years. He’s already asked me to stop calling him ‘puppy’ in front of his friends and has been heard to mutter under his breath ‘That’s SO unfair!!!!’ Oh yes this was the year otherwise I would be the only mum within my circle of friends who’d never made her sons their birthday cakes -ever.

So far I’ve managed them all plus one for Hubbie and one for my brother and because we’d missed holding a party for Henry last year he had a joint party with a friend of his at the beginning of the year so he’d actually had one baked for him too. This cake seemed an extra cake and when I asked him what he wanted for pudding on his birthday he said ‘The cream roles with dipping sauce on..’ as he’s just discovered profiteroles and absolutely loves them. I thought that if he wanted these as a pudding why not just pile them up and make them into the cake as that would combine cake and pudding and kill 2 birds with 1 stone as it were so I went off to Tesco’s to see what they had.

I found, in the chiller cabinet, a pyramid of profiteroles with chocolate sauce dripped over it for £2.50 and thought this fab but then saw in another packet that I could buy 24 profiteroles with a large pot of dipping sauce for the same price and knew I could make a larger pyramid so it would be more impressive. I bought 2 of these packets so I would definitely have enough and went home with a smile on my face.

I got the cake stand out that we always use for cakes and especially birthday cakes but I thought that the profiteroles might have a bit of a problem staying on the stand. I looked around for a plate or something and thought that the bottom of my lidded cake store would work very well as it was clear glass so your eye doesn’t noticed it but it has a lip that would keep all the profiteroles in safely.

I put some profiteroles around the outside…


I filled in the base…


 …and then built up a pyramid layering the profiteroles as I did.

I melted the chocolate in the saucepan.


 I then drizzled it over the profiterole tower putting on quite a lot as I knew Henry would love lots of chocolate.


 I sieved some icing sugar over the whole cake and then added a number 6 candle to the top and there was my finished cake!


Not bad for £2.50 I think! There’s also lots of chocolate sauce left over so I’ll heat that up when it comes to serving the cake later so the boys can dip their profiteroles in it to make it even chocolatier.


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