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How we made Tirimisu…

My boys love Tiramisu and for some reason it’s been re-named ‘Tiramahorsepoo’ which is one of those family legend type occurrences where no one really knows how it happened but everyone has their own theory. Our new name is so stuck that when we’re in the supermarket and I’m asking them what we should get for pudding they shout ‘Tiramahorsepoo!!!’ and I cringe as although I know what they mean, I’m not sure the well dressed older lady looked a little shocked at me does…

Hubbie has started to cook a bit more at the weekends. He loves cooking and is amazing at it but due to life being busy (overly busy) he never really got back into it after a bit of a break. There’s lots going on in our lives at the moment and I can say this has been one of the most stressful times in our marriage but we have plans A, B and C that really any of them could happen so we’ve decided to clear the weekends a bit, concentrate on having family time that’s freer and not so planned. We don’t have to be anywhere at any certain time at all on Saturdays and Sunday’s is just rugby.

Due to this freer family time Hubbie has reached into the newly cleaned out cupboard (those that follow my Facebook page will know of the ‘AHHHH!’ cupboard that was stuffed with so many things that I was brave enough to eventually clear out) and got out his recipe books. He loves Hugh F-W, some of Delia’s recipes and range of other celebrity chefs. They are good starting points but we both eventually change the recipes to suit how we as a family want our food to taste. Hubbie decided that as I’d got a bargain of 20 sausages from M&S from the reduced counter for only £3.00 that Sunday lunch would be centred around them. Toad in the hole it was with one of his amazing red wine onion gravy’s which I love about an hour before it’s all ready as the cooking smells fill the cottage and get the boys coming into the kitchen to ask ‘Is it ready yet???’

I needed a pudding to go with the Toad in the Hole and I decided that I would finally have a go at making my own Tiramisu as we all love it and everyone tells me how easy it is to make.

I googled a recipe and came up with this one which seemed very simple. Hubbie bought all the ingredients and I set about making it.

I don’t know if I’m very old fashioned but I’m finding it hard to measure the strange liquid measurements that some recipes give. This one asks for 568ml of double cream but my measuring jug isn’t quite that accurate. 75ml of Masala was equally hard as my measuring cup only had one for 80ml. If anyone can recommend something that could help me I’d love to hear about it! Because my measuring wasn’t that accurate I ended up putting in the whole of the 600ml of cream, 80ml of Masala and I had some leftover mascarpone from the previous days pasta making that I put in too. I suppose really that I didn’t try this recipe before I changed it! It whipped up well and smelled amazing and after tasting it (Tobes loved it too as he loves to hang about when I’m cooking under the guise of ‘Helping Mummy’ but we both know it’s really so he can lick the bowl first and not have to share it with his brothers) I then put it to one side and started soaking the sponge fingers in coffee.

Now the recipe says not to leave them too long but I think I went the other way and didn’t leave them long enough as when I cut open the finished pudding some (not all) of the fingers were still dry in the middle. We like our tiramisu’s a bit wetter so I’ll leave them in a bit longer next time. Another thing I would change is that due to me messing about with the cream and mascarpone amounts I do feel we could have a bit more Masala too.

The boys loved licking the bowl, Tobes couldn’t keep his noisy scrapes secret!


The recipe doesn’t give you what size dish to make the tiramisu in so I did have a bit of fun and games trying to figure out which one to use. As you layer the sponge fingers a little like lasagne you can’t really run out of them as the top layer would then just be thick, rich cream which although tastes amazing would be too sickly after the first spoonful I’m sure. In the end I used a 24cm squared dish that was 6cms deep.

Here’s the finished pudding…

tiramisu finished

It was delicious!

We are a family of 5 and after our Toad in the Hole we had only eaten 1/2 this dish so have plenty left for the next day so if there’s fewer of you then maybe it would be possible to half the ingredients to make less. Then again maybe not!

Here’s a leftover picture showing you that the coffee hadn’t soaked into the fingers…


I can’t wait to make it again x





  • hi,
    i often use an old baby bottle for measuring. good for smaller volumes. also helpfull is that a tablespoon of something is 15mls although i think it came out well so what ever you did, well done.x

  • I have a tall rigid plastic beaker which came with my mixer. When I’m using liquid measures, I just go for the nearest measure below what I need then top it up, by guestimate! It looks jolly good though. I don’t have alcohol (don’t drink due to medication) in the house, any suggestions for what to do instead? xx

  • Did you see it is 853 calories per portion? Why is it that lovely things are always so calorific

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