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Goodbye summer holidays…


My 3 schoolboys

Well it’s the eve of the night I have been looking forward to since about midway through last week when the boys came down one morning and gave each other a look that said ‘Eugh, it’s you again…’ 8 weeks of being each other’s playmates was just 1 week to many according to my children and I think if we’d gone back after 7 weeks then I think everything would have been just fine. Last summer holiday was the first where I actually felt that I coped. There was no pushchair, no little ones needing naps and everyone was portable and able to wait that extra 1/2hr should lunch be a little late. This summer holidays was the first that I, dare I say, enjoyed as they were all old enough to have big days out and not get tired half way through the afternoon. There was enthusiasm, discovery and lots of ‘Oh wow!!’ when they saw all the castles, tank museums, beaches, campsites, swimming pool, model villages, picnics, sword fighting, archery, painting shields and that’s just the bits I can remember…

Yes we had 2 trips to A&E; 1 after a particularly vicious sword fight at Corfe Castle where our youngest (Tobes) who happened to be ‘The King’ defending his castle (though Tobes was a little upset at Corfe Castle being a ruin ‘Why can’t they mend it Mummy?’ he said to much ‘oos’ and ‘ahhhs’ from the people around us) and Sir Oliver, a brave Knight never one to step away from a fight (or his younger brother) went full pelt at it. The result was a dislocated little finger that was slightly bent and pink so that was trip no 1. Trip no 2 occurred after we were at a local park and the boys had discovered the gym equipment that was newly installed since we had last visited. It was raining (one of the few days it did) and Tobes took a fancy to the cross trainer and had been on it for about 20 minutes when I phoned Hubbie to tell him as I was more than a little impressed as he hadn’t even broken into a sweat. I was sweating just watching him. He was also sporting his pirate top which, for some reason, he insisted on wearing to the park as if his life depended on it. So there he was cross training and Oliver went over to use the ski gym thing that swung pendulum like from side to side. All was well with the world and I was sat reading my rain splattered book drinking tea from my flask and feeling, if I’m honest, a little bit smug that this was a good trip to the park and I was quite enjoying it. Then I heard the crying. Then the screaming and I looked up to see Tobes running towards me covered in blood. It appears he fell off the cross trainer just as Ollie had swung into his head.

I managed to stem the bleeding and get to A&E with Tobes sporting a Pudsey like bandage made from a muslin square (I love those things, have a read of this blog about them) he thought this was fab. We arrived blood spattered in A&E for the second time with the children announcing to the waiting room ‘Look Mummy! They’ve got new toys from when we came last week…’ I slunk sheepishly into the waiting room and sat down and had to force myself not to say rather neurotically ‘We really don’t come here that often you know!’

The Dr checked him over and it was decided on steristrips for his head. Tobes asked if he would have a Harry Potter scar which made us all giggle but his piece du resistance was when he turned to me and said ‘Can we not wash my pirate top as it’s got real blood on it and I’ll look like a real pirate who’s been stabbed?’ I went pink, the Dr laughed and I just couldn’t wait to get out of there…

We had a pea up the nose which is rather odd as we’ve never had a boy stuff anything foreign in, up or down any orifice. Yes their noses, ears and contents of their pants are regularly investigated but nothing is put in them ‘just for a laugh’. We were sat having lunch when Ollie said ‘You do know Tobes has just stuffed a pea up his nose don’t you?’ in a voice that clearly said ‘You have no idea he’s just done this’ I looked at Tobes who grinned and when I asked him why he just shrugged his shoulders thinking it all rather funny. After a bit of a panic and me saying under my breath ‘Oh for Christ’s sake we can’t go back to A&E again!!!!!’ he managed to snort it out and not only cover is food with snot (and pea) but also a rather large amount of blood. Ollie and Hen left the table shouting ‘Eugh that’s rank!!!’ which I have to say it really was.

After this we camped in our friend’s field for their mini festival they have every year, camped at Warwick Castle and finally ended up at the class picnics this week where the classes meet up and the boys play and the mums and dads chat over a picnic which was great to have a catch up. The sun shone and the uniforms were almost complete and this week was looking good.

Until I heard a scream, a cry and a ‘AHHHHHHHHHHH’ and Oliver came into the kitchen clutching his head as apparently Tobes had just bashed him in the face with a pillow so hard that it knocked Oliver back into the TV unit where he cut his head. More blood, more screams and lots more tears but I felt a bit of a dab hand at this now after the summer holiday so I applied a cold compress and applied pressure. The bleeding stopped but I think the lost dignity that a nearly 10 year old feels when his 4 year old brother floors him might take a bit longer.

A fab holiday all in all. Lots of sun, smiles, laughing, (blood), trips out, camping (visits to A&E) family time and above all fun. We’re nearly done with our scrapbooks but each time I get them out I’m reminded of all that we did.

Tobes’ head now looks much better and although he’s not going to get that Harry Potter scar he will have some sort of scar I’m sure. Ollie’s finger spent a few weeks in a splint but is now fine and the pirate top? Well I just had to wash that…



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