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August 14, 2013 posted by littlewhitecottage

Blondes aren’t taken seriously…

Nice hair photoOh I can tell a few heckles are raised by some lovely blondes as they mutter ‘Nope, we like a tutorial on how to make a drawstring bag and that she gives us ideas to do with the children so we all survive the summer holidays but she’s gone too far this time, how dare she!’ but read on my lovelies all will make sense and you won’t be offended by what I have to say…

I was at a summer party a couple of weeks ago under a marquee having lovely drinks with some friends. I mentioned that I am going to be 38 this year and that I wanted to dye my hair blonde before I was 40 and they stared in amazement at what I’d just said. The group was a mixture of blondes and brunets all ‘virtually’ natural in terms of we had colour that helped cover greys or highlight what was already there, no one had had a complete colour change. 2 of the blondes then went on to say that being blonde isn’t all what it’s cracked up to be to which I was astounded. I’ve been brought up in a society that has us all believe that ‘blondes have more fun’ so when I’m faced with 2 blondes who although do have fun have had some pretty negative experiences I’m a bit surprised.

One very tall and beautiful blonde friend with a figure to die for said that as a blonde she can’t wear what she likes and has to really think about an outfit before going out. She said that if she wore a short skirt and walked into a room she knows exactly what sort of impression she’d create and this is the same for choosing tops as she said she can’t wear very low cut tops. Images of blonde, busty babes in men’s magazines pouting, posing and cavorting have had their effect on the natural blondes left behind in their pneumatic boobs wake. It seems being blonde really is not all what it’s cracked up to be.

The other blonde agreed and said that you have to watch what make up you put on that being understated is the best thing. Apparently wearing red lipstick is a definite no no when it comes to feeling that men aren’t always ogling. Now these ladies weren’t being vain at all they are both very beautiful and I have seen, as I did that night, that they do turn heads when they walk into a marquee and that’s even with one wearing a long gypsy skirt with a vest top and no makeup and the other in simple jeans and black top with a little mascara. They swish their hair confidently and I’m beginning to see that I may not be reaching for the bottle of hair dye the very next day.

I must admit to being surprised that the blondes felt this way. I have been brown/auburn for all of my life save for the one time I used a different hair colour when I was 15 and ended up with a hand print on the top of my head. I looked great for the school photos! I, like many others, just looked at other girlies with blonde hair and always thought that I’d love to have that colour even if just for a day but then maybe it’s a question of me just wanting the thing that I can’t really have just as we all do. They do see the grass is always greener on the other side. Lots of people tell me they love my hair. It’s curly, thick and not too bad a colour and it’s one of the things that Hubbie loves about me the most. It’s wild, hard to tame but after someone approached me on Oxford Street many years ago asking if I would like a hair cut in the local nice salon as I had such nice hair I knew then that it wasn’t all bad. Hairdressers ask if their trainees can practise on my hair, cutting it and straightening as it is a bit of a feat to do for anyone even if you’re learning especially when it was a lot longer.

My hair makes me, me I think. It’s part of who I am and after so long of being this colour maybe I wouldn’t like being a blonde and I do worry that I wouldn’t recognise the person in the mirror if I changed my colour.

I think those 2 ladies are beautiful and their hair is very much a part of their appearance just as mine is of me but I felt for them as they told me how over the years people have talked down to them, not taken them seriously and how their hair colour really affects what they wear and the makeup they use. Saying that though there was I at the summer party in a black floaty dress, maroon patterned tights and big fluffy Ugg boots as I’d just had a foot operation and I couldn’t wear any other shoes so who was I to worry about my hair colour affecting how people treated me as I did look a little daft.

Will I go blonde?

Probably but only when I am in much later life and there is absolutely no way images of busty blondes would ever even enter the heads of those talking to me. One day the greys will win with my brown/auburn hair and I will give up trying to dye them back to my youthful colour and only then I will admit defeat as blonde hair can hide the grey for longer in between vists to the hairdresser. Only then will I be ready to look in the mirror and recognise the person staring back at me…

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