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How to crochet part 3 – How to change thread and finish off your work

So you’ve made your chain of stitches, you’ve crocheted your first row and now you’d like to change the thread to another colour but aren’t sure how. This blog will show you how to change that thread and then finish off your work.

Here is my sample crochet all ready for a thread colour change.


Cut the thread that goes to the ball of thread.


Wrap your new thread around your hook in front of your loop.


You’re going to put your hook through the first chain link. I’ve put a pin in to show you where.


Put the hook in.


Wrap the new thread around the hook.


Bring the hook through the first loop.


Wrap the thread around the hook again.


Bring the hook through both the loops on the hook.


You’ll have 1 stitch left on the hook which will be in the new thread.


Crochet your row as before working your way through each chain link.

Make sure you crochet the very last stitch otherwise you’ll slowly get a triangle!


Here’s the first row in the new thread.


 Crochet the rows you need.


Once you’ve crocheted the rows you need you’ll need to finish your work by securing the thread so it doesn’t come undone.

Here’s how to finish your work.

Open out the loop on your hook, this can be done at the end of a row or the beginning of a row.


Use your fingers to hold the loop open.


Cut your thread.


Pass the thread end through the open loop.


Gently pull the thread.


The loop will close.


And you’ve finished your work!


So now you know how to add new thread and finish off your work.

You may notice that there are threads coming off from the crochet and these need to be woven in. My next tutorial shows you what to do with these threads and also my experiments in making round coasters to put your mugs of hot tea on.

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