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How to crochet part 2 – How to crochet your first row (and then another!)

In part 1 you learned how to create the stitches for your crocheted blanket and now you have your stitches made to the width or number that you want your blanket to be you need to crochet your first row. Your first row will be exactly the same as all the other rows you will crochet to make your blanket so do this first one brilliantly and you will then know how to crochet any sized blanket you’d like.

Here we go…

The stitches you have made are all joined together and are called a ‘chain’ as they look like a length of chain links. In this picture I have put pins to show you where the middle of each chain link is -this is where you put your hook. You don’t need to pin your work yourself it just made it easier to show you exactly where I was talking about and also it meant the work would stay still as I photographed it! The green headed pin is showing you the first chain link that you put your hook in to make your very first stitch.


Put your hook through the ‘chain link middle’ and wrap the thread around the hook as you did before to make your stitches.


Turn the hook to the side and then pull through that first stitch.


Wrap your thread around the hook again.


Then pull through both the stitches on your hook.


You will be left with just 1 stich on your hook. I believe we had just made our first ‘double crochet’ stitch!

Put the hook in the next ‘chain link’ and follow the same steps again and you will slowly work your way along your chain of stitches and crochet your first row.


Here is your first row!


I have pined it only to show you what it looks like you don’t have to pin your own work.

To crochet your next row…

Turn your work round so the longest part is coming out from the hook to the left as in the picture below.

I have put in a pin to show you where your first new stitch would be, keep thinking of putting the hook in the middle of the chain links as we did before.


Here’s the hook in the work to make the first new stitch.


Wrap the thread around the hook as before.


Turn the hook on its side and pull the wrapped thread through the first loop as before.


Wrap the thread around the hook again and pull it through both stitches on your hook and you will be left with just 1 stitch as you did before. Put your hook in the next chain link to crochet the next stitch.

Here is your next row all finished.


Again I’ve just pinned it so you can see how it looks!

Turn your work again so the hook is on the far right and carry on crocheting another row.

Do this as many times as you want to make the length you need for your project.

In this tutorial I have show you how to use your chain of stitches to crochet rows using a double crochet stitch.

In my next tutorial I will show you how to change thread colour and how to finish your work off.

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  • Do you think that a chain stitch at the beginning of a new row would make the edges straighter or dies it not matter. Very good idea putting pins in to photograph work, well done

  • Hi there, i have managed doing the first row ok but am having trouble with the second row, i just can’t see where i am going wrong eek…determined to get this right! This is the first time i have ever gotten this far, very chuffed x

  • Cela fait sacre bout de temps que je n avais pas denicher un article
    de ce niveau !!!

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