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August 9, 2013 posted by littlewhitecottage

How to crochet part 1 – Making a chain (making your stitches)

I would really like to say before I write anything that I am no expert when it comes to crocheting. I have made many blankets over the years but all with the same stitch and pattern.

Here are a few…

This one I made for my middle son when he was born and I was just beginning with my crocheted blankets. It’s a simple cream blanket with a heath green border. Very easy to make.

blanket 3

This is Henry under the alpaca blanket. It was lovely yarn to use as it was thick so the blanket took hardly anytime at all.

blanket 4

I did find this yarn a little fibrous so I always put a cotton sheet under it and then folded it over at the top so it never touched Henry’s face.

Here is the blanket I made for Tobes’ birth only he never got it as Henry stole it from his room before he came home from hospital. The funny thing is is that Henry is nearly 6 now and still sleeps with it!

blanket 5

Here is Tobes under the alpaca blanket.

blanket 2

This blanket is now 6 years old and lives folded over Tobes’ chair in his room. I love it that it’s still used and looked at even though it’s too small to be used as a blanket.

blanket 6

Here’s a cotton blanket. Cotton is quite weighty so good for those who like to feel the weight of the blanket on them.

This blanket is possibly my favourite as it was made with all the leftover yarn from all the blankets I had made my friends when they had their babies. It has a bit of everyone in so has lovely memories.

blanket 1

So, here we go. Here’s my tutorial on how I crochet…

 You need a hook and some yarn.


I think not knowing anything about a skill can be a good thing as when it comes to yarn and size of hook I just pick what I like and what my budget allows. I always use natural threads though when it comes to baby blankets but this thread is acrylic and left over from my children’s threading kits.

First you need to tie a loop as if you’re tying a knot but don’t pull it tight.


Put the hook in the loop.


I put the hook in so the short end of the thread is on the right and the long end of the thread (that goes to the ball) is on the left.

Pull the loop tight. You can tie another knot so your loop won’t come undone if you like. I tend not to but it can come undone when you’re making your stitches (chain)


Here’s the hook with the threads in the right place.


Lift the long thread above the hook.


Wrap it over the hook.


Turn the hook on it’s side so it catches the wrapped thread and pull it through the first loop on your hook.


Let the loop fall off the hook and you will have made your first stitch.


To make another stitch you lift the thread above the hook as you did before,


wrap it round the hook as you did before,


turn the hook on its side and pull the wrapped thread through the loop on the hook.


Let the new loop fall off the hook


and you will have another stitch.

You need to make as many stitches as you want your blanket to be wide. I am currently working on a blanket that has 120 stitches but this will be dependent on the thickness of the yarn you use, the size of hook and experience to know what they do together. My blankets are never a standard size and I quite like that as cribs are different to pushchairs are different to single beds so make your blanket the width you’d like.

Here’s a lot of stitches or what they call a ‘chain.’ This will be the end of the ‘technical’ talk as I honestly don’t know any more than that!


So with this blog you’ve learned how to tie the thread onto your hook and how to make the stitches for your project.

If you’re wanting a bit more help here’s my YouTube video showing you how to do all I’ve covered above and don’t forget you can always come and have a chat to me on my Facebook page.

In part 2 I will show you how to crochet your first row.

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  • Hiya I’ve got bamboo/wooden crochet needles and my wool keeps slipping I get the concept but I keep having to pull it over myself to make the chain if that makes sense? Or I’m doing it wrong 🙁

    So confused have I maybe got the wrong wool ?

    Please help me ta xx

    • Hi Megan, I’ve just posted a video tutorial on YouTube here’s the link – Sometimes it really helps if you can see what needs doing. Give this a go and let me know how you get on x

  • Still struggling got proper crochet yarn but struggling how to get the yarn to go over the hook so effortlessly (sp?) x

  • Thank you so much for this blog. I’m determined to learn to crochet in 2014, as a very dear friend is expecting her first baby. Any ideas how many stitches and rows would make a crib blanket?

    Thanks again.x

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