A blog a day challenge
July 5, 2013 posted by littlewhitecottage

A blog a day challenge – A photo of me that reflects my personality…

me x

I asked Hubbie for help with this blog and he chose this photo because as he says it shows my sense of humour. He likes the way my eyes sparkle and there’s a hint of naughtiness behind them.

I like this photo because I’m smiling and that’s something I do a lot everyday and something I try to get my boys to do. I want them to see the silliness in the ordinary, I want them to dance with no fear of feeling scared and I want them to love and feel and know that they are loved by their naughty, smiley mum.

I am loud but quiet and this photo shows that as the light in my eyes is clear to see but I’m half hidden by my jumper. I took this photo using my phone and it’s one that I really think shows ‘me’ too…

I’m honest and loyal as if I like you I’ll stick to you like glue and fight for you even when I should know better but I hurt easily and wound deeply and will walk away when I feel I have done all I can to alter a situation that’s beyond repairing. I don’t hold grudges and fight, I just walk away…

I used to be spontaneous but due to family, business and a house that needs me this isn’t part of me as much as I would like. Walking in the rain and making body prints underneath a dry bridge like standing art is something I’ve done on the spur of the moment but not for a very long time. I need more spontaneity…

I am positive even in the darkest of times for other people. I can inspire, motivate and cajole others to do their best, find their path and achieve. I just find this more difficult for myself and would prefer to hide away.

I am a happy person who is strong, funny, kind, hopeful, daft (think of the pants on my head photo!) and nice. I think to be nice is very understated in this competitive and judgmental world.


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