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Superhero party…

Tobes was desperate for a Superhero party despite spending most of the year desperate for a knights party that I had planned mentally down to the last jousting pole. 2 months ago he changed his mind and was adamant that he wanted a superhero party so that was what I wanted to deliver!

When I plan a party I always try to think of the theme and find the main ideas. With our Star Wars party it was the light sabres, using the force and shooting storm troopers. With this party it was about being brave, flying and saving people as really that’s what superheroes do.

To cover the flying part was easy as if you give a 4 year old a cape and mask they have the most fabulous imaginations that they will think they are flying when they run with the cape billowing out behind them. I made 16 red capes with 16 green masks which were different to the yellow cape and blue mask that Tobes wanted for himself as he was ‘The birthday boy.’ It’s his first ever party so I humoured his Diva like tendencies.

I have a tutorial showing you how to make the foam masks and I’ll do a cape tutorial just as soon as I can.

This what we did for the party;

To start we had the boys throw coloured bean bags that I’d made through 4 hoops that we’d hung from the branches of the trees. They loved this and had several goes. Next they crawled through the ‘spider’s web’ that we’d made by tying some old thread (use coloured not black elastic as we first did as you can’t see black elastic!) across the lawn from the fence to the bench. This was to sharpen the superheroes ability to get out of a tight space, something all superheros need!

party 7

We next handed the superheroes all a balloon (through the sitting window which, when you’re 4 is pretty cool!) that we’d put a sweet in and then blown up. They had to burst the balloon to get the sweet out. This was to test the superheroes strength. Some were stronger than others!

party 2

Earlier on in the day we’d hidden 20 teddies in various trees around the cottage which when the boys had finished bursting their balloons I used a toy phone and said ‘We’ve just had a call from control saying that there are teddies that are stuck in tress and need saving!! Can anyone help???’ They all ran off to find a teddy in a tree that they could rescue.

party 3

‘Here’s one!’

party 5

They loved climbing the ladder to rescue their teddy.

party 6

Here’s Super Tobes with his cape billowing in the wind!  (You can also see his ‘Superhero pants’ that he wore for the whole of the party. Real pants from his drawer!)

party 11

We then played a game called ‘The colour game’ which is a fab and simple game for all ages. You have lots of beanbags, Lego bricks and shapes all of 4 different colours. You put all these in the middle and the point of the game is to run up and get one item from the middle that’s the colour of your team, run back to your hoop and put it in there. The next person goes and so on until all the coloured things are in the teams hoops. Young children can manage this and older children (my Beavers) get ridiculously competitive at it!

Once you’ve played you can then do it in reverse by putting 1 item back into the middle and keep doing this until all the items are back in the middle. 1st team to do this is the winner.

party 1

After that we had some lunch. As it was a lovely day we just put all the food into our little marquee and they children sat outside on the lawn on picnic blankets.

I’d decorated the marquee with bunting that I’d made and a ‘Happy Birthday’ bunting that I’d made from all our old clothes that comes out on everyone’s birthdays (hanging from the front)

party 8

My beloved gallon tea pot makes its usual appearance at a larger gathering.

party 9

After lunch it was time for the cake!

party 18

I made a simple Victoria sponge cake (here’s the recipe) and filled it with whipped cream and strawberry jam. I didn’t want to ice it as I’ve not learned how to do that yet so I made one of my gingerbread men into a Superhero like Tobes in Tobes’ chosen colours and he LOVES it! I didn’t have time to learn anything new so i stuck to something I could do well.

party 12

After that I blew a whistle to get the all together and told them that the Superhero cups that I was just about to give them had been stolen by ‘The Doodle boys!’ and they needed to go and find them which they did very enthusiastically!

I’d asked the older boys to run off with a bag of cups each and when they were found to give the boys a cup each. Our eldest took this a little too seriously and was found about 20 minutes later…

party 13

Here they are all searching for the naughty ‘Doodle Boys’

party 4

We made light sabres out of swimming noodles/woggles for our Star Wars party and they are always being used by someone!!

party 14

We ended the party by presenting everyone with a gold medal for capturing the Doodle Boys and we gave them their party bags. Each superhero got to keep their cape and mask which they loved and they also had their little cup and a whistle. The cake was put into the bags and off they all went home! The picture above shows my boys chillaxing on the sofa -we moved one outside as it was just so nice! – with super Tobes.

party 15

Looking at what’s in the party bag…

party 16

The birthday boy!

party 17

Me with my birthday boy!

This party was a real home made affair. I’d made the capes, masks and cake. I’d thought about the games and decided to use only things we had round the house to keep costs down. The boys helped with the spider’s web and have asked to leave it up for a picnic we’ve planned for friends to celebrate the end of term on Friday. The food was easy as we just did sausage in a bun with a few carrot and cucumber sticks, crisps, strawberries and cakes that I’d made. I was going to make the party bags but I ran out of time which was a shame!

We had a blast and so did the boys but most of all so did Tobes so much so that he’s already planning next year’s party..!

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