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How to make really simple Superhero mask …

You can find the template to make the mask here, feel free to use. It would be great if you could show me the results!

My youngest is having his birthday party at the weekend and he desperately wanted a superhero party so I’ve spent most of this week making capes and masks ready for all the fun. I normally hand sew my felt masks but due to it being the end of the summer term and the boys all having sports days, swimming galas, plays ect I haven’t had the time to sit and sew all the masks I need so I needed to find a quicker solution to the problem. A while a go I bought a job lot of foam sheets and when I opened the drawers and saw them sitting there with their very bright colours I knew they would do the job. These foam masks take seconds to make and look every bit as good as felt masks.

To make the masks;

Draw round a template using a pointed ended tool. I used pencil to show you for the picture but if you use the end of a knitting needle then you mark the foam so you can see where to cut but you don’t have pencil lines. Out of this sheet of foam I got 4 masks.

super hero mask 5

Cut them out and cut a length of elastic slightly smaller than your superhero’s head.

super hero mask 4

Sew the end of the elastic onto the mask just in line with the eye hole.

super hero mask 3

Sew the other end of the elastic.

super hero mask 2

Here’s your finished mask!

It’s very quick and easy to do and a great idea if you want something different to do in the upcoming holidays that’s not too expensive. Why not invite other superheros over to make sure where you live is safe from baddies!

super hero mask 1

Super hero cape tutorial is on its way…

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