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How to make a cross stitch butterfly card…

Can you make a curve with a straight line? My boys loved learning to curve stitch and see that yes, you can!

Once you’ve learned how to do a basic curve you can adapt the stitching to make many different designs. Here’s how you get started.

You need a piece of card…

a card 1

Draw an 8cm horizontal line and then a vertical 8cm line that crosses at 4cms…

a card 2

Mark out every 1/2cm. Then use a pin and poke through the marks to create holes to sew.

Use plastacine/a pin cushion to poke through into. Be careful of your finger!

a card 3

Number the hole like this. This is good as a practice but you won’t need to do this when you get the hang of it.

a card 4

Choose your thread. I used a thicker thread -embroidery thread is fab.

a card 5

Join up hole 1 to hole 1. 2 to hole 2, 3 to hole 3ct. The curve should start to build up…

(Excuse the REALLY bent needle!)

a card 6

1 side of the butterfly finished!

a card 7

Start the other side using exactly the same technique.

a card 8


a card 9

Draw on the antennae and punch hole at regular intervals as before.

a card 11

Using a different coloured thread (or not if you don’t want to) backstitch up the lines and then make a rope stitch/rolled backstitch/whipped backstitch to make it a solid line.

a card 12

Finished! You can add buttons for the ends of the antennae for more interest.

a card 13

If you’re looking for more ways to make sewn cards have a look at this tutorial.

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