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How to make a sewn card…

Cards for all occasions are getting to be quite expensive and, more often than not, are ripped open by little people never to be looked at again! Here is a tutorial that will not only save you money but also enable you to give a bespoke card that will stay just that little bit longer on the mantel piece long after the party poppers have been cleared away…

This is what you need (you don’t have to have the heat and bond but it can help)

~A blank folded card
~A flat rectangle of card
~Letter template
~Heat and bond (optional)
~Pencil and scissors.

sewn card 1

Draw out the letter you’d like. Make sure it’s backwards. (Think ‘it’s wrong to to be right’)

I use heat and bond but you could go straight onto the back of fabric and use spray adhesive that makes fabric tacky so it stays in place or if you have a steady hand you could just hold it while you sew.

sewn card 2

Iron the heat and bond onto the fabric -the wrong side.

sewn card 3

Cut it out.
You will notice that the ‘Wrong to be right’ made it right in the end!

sewn card 4

Peel off the paper backing. Your letter should have a layer of shiny glue. This will stick when it becomes hot through ironing.

sewn card 5

Using a decorative stitch sew round the letter. I used a blanket stitch but you could use a simple straight stitch or even hand stitch the edging. (I show you how to hand stitch card later in this tutorial)

sewn card 7

Cut the flat piece of card to slightly smaller than the folded card.

Place on the border is equal all the way round.

sewn card 9

Use straight stitch and stitch round the outside of the flat card. I use the edge of the foot as a guide and this give around a cm border.

sewn card 10

Here is the finished card with a handmade present, great for a party!

sewn card 12

A handmade present with a handmade card wrapped in old wrapping paper tied with jute string.

Perfect for one of Henry’s friend’s birthday!

sewn card 13

It is possible to hand sew blanket stitch onto card to edge your picture…

sewn card 14

I’ve poked holes through the card at regular intervals like I would to sew a running stitch.

I then poked holes in the middle of the hole like this;
. . .
. . . .

I cam out of the top left hole and then put the needle into the bottom right, right hole…

sewn card 16

…there now is a loop.

sewn card 17

I then come out of the top hole diagonal to the last hole, go through the loop and pull the thread.

sewn card 19

I then go through the next hole on the bottom right..

sewn card 20

I’ve created the loop again.

sewn card 21

Follow the previous steps to keep sewing your blanket stitch.

sewn card 22

Adjust the blanket stitch to make it neater and then it looks just the same.

You can use old magazines for patterned papers to use -look for interesting colours and shapes – or you can use fabrics and patterned card. You can experiment with designs trying to match the party themes with your card or you can just put a simple number on the cards. Our children go to lots of parties and this saves us a little whilst making more of an effort to make something just that little bit more special and if you use the Heat and Bond (or a little double sided sticky tape) then you can very quickly make up a card in no time.

Looking for something else that’s a little bit different to try next with your sewing machine?

Why not take a look at the ‘How to use your decorative stitches – make a decorative stitch tutorial’ and learn a new skill…




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